Saturday, April 16, 2011

The letter N!

N is for Nehemiah

In the 20th year of Artaxerxes, king of Persia, Nehemiah was cup-bearer to the king. Learning that the walls of Jerusalem were broken down he asked the king for permission to return and rebuild them, and Artaxerxes sent him to Judah as governor of the province with a mission to rebuild the walls. Once there he defied the opposition of Judah's enemies on all sides - Samaritans, Ammonites, Arabs and Philistines - and rebuilt the walls within 52 days.--

When reading the book of Nehemiah, I was greatly encouraged by Nehemiah’s love and commitment to God. His example of praying to God and seeking His will in all things is admirable. Another thing I respected about Nehemiah is how numerous times the enemy tried to distract him from his purpose. Yet, Nehemiah’s responded “I am doing a great work! I cannot stop to come and meet with you.” I wish I wasn’t so fickle. I wish my focus could be so strong on the Lord, that I wouldn’t be so easily distracted. But, isn’t that the great thing about our walk with Jesus, we get to keep trying!!

Side note: N is the 14th letter of the alphabet…only 12 more days to go….although my words and thoughts have been random, I am having such a blast with this blogging challenge. I have never made the opportunity to write such a priority…and I am having such a blast! Thank you all for your comments and emails—you are a great encouragement!


Elayne said...

Enjoying both your posts and comments you leave on my blog :) I agree, this challenge has been fun!

Mary Aalgaard said...

You are doing GREAT with the challenge. I'm getting curious about what you and others will do with X. I'm having RoXane guest post!

Nelson said...

The blog is very good!

Robyn Campbell said...

I am loving the challenge too. It can get a bit overwhelming, but I never thought I could finish it. Now I KNOW I will.

I love your post on Nehemiah. What an awesome lover of God he was. We can learn so much from him. I will go back and read Nehemiah. I haven't in a long time. Thanks for reminding me about him. :-)