Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Boot Camp Update

There is so much to share that it is hard to know where to start...so I think I will start with an update on the famous boot camp!  The first of May, my coworkers and I joined a twice a week boot camp.  I wonder if we knew our muscles would be screaming at us for days after our work out, would we have joined?  About three weeks into our adventure, I had had it!!  Boot camp is on Monday's and Friday's. 

Well, it was the 3rd Friday, I remember thinking some pretty naughty words about the things our instructor was asking us to do...yah, like right?  What do you think I am? A monkey who is on steroids? Okay...honestly...I was thinking..."You have got to be .....kidding me!"  My body hurt!  And I was very discouraged.  No matter how much effort I put out, I was still the last one done.  I was hot! I was sweaty!  It was gross!  Crawling to the locker room, I found myself saying...no more...I can't do it!! 

The following Monday, I was prepared to talk to the instructor and quit! 
Now, I really wrestled with quitting, as I, by nature, am NOT a quitter.  But, I didn't think I had it in me to continue with this abuse of my body. 
At the beginning of every boot camp we do a warm up.  Typically these warm ups are a mile run...did I mention we work out at noon? and the runs are outside? Uh, ha...it has been a very warm summer.  On our first boot camp warm up, I could barely make it 1 time around the building (1/4 mile)...Well, that Monday...I ran 4 times around the building...a MILE...without stopping! 
I could hardly believe it!  Although, I couldn't physically jump for joy...my body was too tired, inside...I was shouting and dancing around!  You see, when I was going through cancer treatment, I had set a goal--I wanted to run a mile without stopping...sometime!  To think...the day I was going to quit...was the day I achieved my goal!!  Needless, to say, I didn't quit boot camp.  Monday's and Friday's, you will find me sweaty, sore, and challenged, trying to keep up with my boot camp class mates!

Q. Care to share a goal you have reached this summer?

Friday, July 6, 2012

Just sharing!

Hi all...I apologize for my lack of new posts.  We have had a few fun interruptions to our daily life, which has left me little time to update.  But watch out--company leaves on Sunday and I have lots of new story's. 

Today I am excited to share with you that a dear friend has blessed me by having me do a guest blog post on her site. Thank you Susan--you bless my heart!  Check it out at I hope 4 Him.

Blessings on your weekend...until we meet again!