Saturday, April 23, 2011

The letter S!

S is for Sonrise!
Although I know no excuses are needed, this little guy is why I am a bit late with my blog post and haven't been able to keep up with reading my favorite blogs!  My hubby and I are celebrating the long holiday weekend in Montana with our daughter's family.  It is worth every minute of the 13 hour road trip to be showered with so many hugs and little boy giggles.  Today we went on an Easter Egg Hunt.  I will share more highlights in the next few days...but now on to the letter S...

S is for sonrise!
Yes, I know sun rise is spelled with an "u" and not an "o"...however, this morning as I was waiting for the sunrise, I thought about how tomorrow we will be celebrating the "son rise!" This year the meaning of the resurrection brings me more hope than ever before...for it is in the resurrection that we have the fulfillment of the promise.  As I am preparing my heart and mind for the "son rise," I am pondering so many questions:
I wonder what were the apostle's thinking after Christ's Crucifixion but before his resurrection? 
Where would our hope be if there was no resurrection?
Am I living a life worthy of my calling? many questions???

Have a beautiful "son rise" celebration!

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Mary Aalgaard said...

Glad you had time with family. Too cute!!