Thursday, April 21, 2011

The letter R!

R is for…..

In 2009—R was for Rest. Traveling through cancer treatment, I quickly discovered that peace only comes when we rest in our Lord. (I also had to take a rest from many obligations.)

In 2010—R was for Recovery and Reality. This past year most of my energy was spent recovering from surgeries and cancer treatment. It was with this recovery phase, that my new reality became clear. The reality is that cancer will always be part of our lives. When I was first diagnosed with cancer, I thought I would go through treatment and then go back to normal. Only to discover that there will never be a "normal" like the past. It is exciting to learn that more and more research is being done with regards to survivorship and the challenges experienced post treatment.

In 2011—R is for Refinement and Renewal. Refinement is an ongoing process when we walk the Christian walk. It is often accompanied by pain. This pain is what helps to develop strong faith muscles. Webster defines Renewal as the process of restoring to freshness and vigor. Slowly, slowly, slowly my body and soul are springing to life.

This week R is for Resurrection—so very thankful and humble that Christ fulfilled the promise of the resurrection. Where would our foundation be if he had chickened out?

Q. What R word best describes you today?


Maryann said...

Today it would be refreshed, thanks to some time spent in the word.

Mary Aalgaard said...

Great R words - Rejoice!

Robyn Campbell said...

Renewal best describes me. I have all ready been renewed. And I feel wonderful. When we ask in prayer according to God's word and he says no or not yet, it is for our own good. (I am just discovering this.) I learned this in my renewal process. I love the Lord. He took my ugly sins and put them on his back. He didn't chicken out. Thank God. And do you realize at the last supper, he washed Judas' feet too? That thought always amazes me.