Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The letter Q!

Q is for  Quiet Time

One of the the things I cherish most in life is my morning quiet time.  The time when the rest of my household is still sleeping...the time for just me and my Maker.  (and my cup of tea!)

Unfortunately my life got off track and although I am working on getting back on track, finding the time for quiet time is still challenging.  Now, if my work day could start at 10, I would have no's just the getting up early that is still proving to be a challenge for me.  (Hmmm, I wonder if the no sleeping due to instant menopause has anything to do with it??)  Anyways....the next few days I plan to take some time for pondering and setting goals...thinking that I will have to put quiet time at the top of list. 

Q.  How are you doing with your quiet time?


Mary Aalgaard said...

I could be doing better. I think I'm reading too many blogs during this challenge!

Maryann said...

When I was recovering from surgery I had great quiet times, quite a bit of couch time, distractions were minimal. Now that I am getting back to a normal routine I have to be pretty intentional,I have a time set in the morning but if I'm not careful distractions will wipe the time away (things like checking email,or downloading ITunes) Could always do better.

Elayne said...

Same thing..too distracted with so many other things. Your post is a good reminder for us of the importance of our Quiet time.

Robyn Campbell said...

I need that too, Kim. But I homeschool, so my quiet time with the Lord is after school with ear plugs in and my bedroom door closed.

I used to get up early enough to have time with Him and exercise. But I'm in the bed lots these days, so afternoon is when we meet. He knows the time. *wink*

Love you girlfriend. As soon as I can, I want to donate to Hope Lives Now. Hopefully, in a couple of months. That is such an answer to prayer for so many women.