Thursday, April 28, 2011

The letter W!

W is for What if?

When I began thinking about my W post, I was planning on writing about waiting on the Lord. I had my bible verses picked out and the words formulated in my head. That was…before my walk this evening…my W word changed to “What if…”

What if today God is enough?

No distractions, no computer, no radio, no cell phone….just God and me??

What if today I stopped and asked God for direction? Now, I pray and talk to God during the day, but many times I find myself making decisions and plans without first thinking about the consequences. It is so easy to say yes to activities, only to find out that I either lack the stamina or time to complete them. Many times I end up cheating myself of my God time and/or my writing time.

What if today I loved others like God loves me? I try hard to be kind to others, but often catch myself with critical/sarcastic thoughts and yes, at times even words. Also, I wonder how many times a day I have contact with someone who is hurting, but too afraid to share their hurt.

Hmmmm….what if today, God is enough?

Addendum:  After reviewing this post and I feel I need to clarify my message (can you tell I am still new at this writing stuff?)...the question what if today God is enough was meant more of a challenge to myself.  Many times I put other things and people in front of my relationship with God.  I often find myself wondering, why isn't God enough?  Why do I continue to try and please others, yet neglect Him?  Why do I chose things like the Internet over time in His word?  I am not trying to add guilt to any of our lives and I apologize if that is what came across in this blog...just pondering is all...


Mary Aalgaard said...

You can "What if" yourself to death. I think that every day we talk with people who are lost and hurting. Knowing that, I hope I was a bit of sunshine, not more gloom.

Maryann said...

It's a process, I wouldn't "what if" too much. (and my all time favorite "should have" :) His mercies new every morning,each day brings new opportunities. I have enjoyed reading along as you have gone through the alphabet,I have found it quite encouraging and thought provoking.
Blessings to you

Roxane B. Salonen said...

Kim, oh, yes, that's a great insight. I love it! What if God is enough? And of course, He is! We just forget too often; I know I do.

The "What If" isn't always negative, even outside of this context. A fiction writer must always ask, "What if..." this or "What if..." that. It's a thought-provoking question and can be very positive in many contexts!

What if Kim...quit doubting herself? :) You lovely lady! I just wanted to affirm you - I hope it worked. Thanks for the great posts and for checking in with me. You're doing great with the writing thing too, by the way. It's a multi-layered thing and sometimes our posts cover only a couple layers. That's okay. :)