Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The letter K

K is for King

The K letter kind of stumped me as in my Bible Who’s Who book didn’t really have any K names. (How could that be? After all, I am very partial to the K name: Kimberly Kay(me), Kalina (oldest daughter), and Kelsey (youngest daughter.) ) So, after thinking about it….I thought of a “K” letter that is very important in the bible. The word that I chose to blog on is king.

“For the LORD Most High is awesome, the great King over all the earth.” Psalm 47:2

A few years back when I was going through some challenging circumstances, I heard a sermon which I continue to replay in my mind. The pastor shared that God is our Father and He is our King, thus we are His prince and princesses.

Shortly thereafter I purchased a tiara at the dollar store (yup, I really did!).

You see, there have been situations in my life where I was pretty beat up emotionally, feeling unworthy and very discouraged. By having the tiara on my dresser, I remind myself that I am a princess of the greatest King of the all the earth! If I am a princess of the king, I am worthy! I am wanted! I am loved!

Now, I often find myself challenging other women, especially those who are in a tough life situation, that they are princesses of the greatest king on earth. They are worthy! They are wanted! They are loved!


Elayne said...

Good post, great reminder Kim! Funny, the letter K stumped me today too :)

Mary Aalgaard said...

Great message - cute tiara - and lots of great K names!