Healthy Living

Tuesday's Tidbit Tips

Do any of you struggle with eating nutritious foods, getting enough physical activity, or practicing stress relief techniques? I sure do, especially if I am tired or stressed. Recently I have trying to be intentional about changing just one thing. When I have that one thing mastered, I move on to one more area that needs to be changed. Here are a few things I have recently added or changed in my lifestyle.

1--All chocolate at our home has been switched to dark chocolate (we aim for 65% or more cocoa). In order for me to have my daily piece of chocolate, I have to eat at least 5 fruits and/or veggies for the day.

2--I love pepsi! Now I try and treat myself to this beverage on Fridays and special occasions. (Okay, some days I think breathing is a special occasion, but I really do try and limit this sugared beverage.)

3--I try and drink 2 cups of green tea (with a little honey) before I drink any pop, etc.

4--I restrict fast food to once a month on a Friday lunch. Life's too short not indulge in a few fries!

5--I try and walk on my breaks at work, so than I have less stress when I get home.

6--When I am using my lap top, you will find me sitting on an exercise ball trying to build up some core muscles.

7--Before cancer my hubby and I would enjoy a beer/glass of wine on the patio after work. This new habit has been changed to herbal water, tea, or water. If I walk 2 miles during the day, I sometimes will treat myself to a beer/glass of wine (but no more than 3 drinks a week.)

Well, those are just a few of the tips I have been intentional about...I would love to hear your intentional health tips!