Sunday, October 4, 2009

Caring Bridge Entries

Monday, February 2, 2009 9:20 PM, CST
We hope everyone had a great of a weekend like us...Friday night we had supper with some special friends. Sat morning we cleaned (I was even able to do a fair share of it, just had to sit and rest every 10-15 min...good thing Ferlin has so much patience.) Just a few more kitchen cupboards to do and spring cleaning will be done...and just in case you think that we are really on the ball...nope, I just don't want anyone to see how messy I can be...with Ferlin's busy season coming up and chemo, I may have to accept the offer of help with some of the household stuff. Saturday afternoon we were blessed with Cade and Casie spending some time with us. (Two of my sister Bobbi's children)...the weather was in the 50's (a wonderful treat for January in South Dakota) and we went to the falls for a walk. Casie was so correct when she kept saying "it is so pretty"...we had so much fun with them and can't wait for them to come visit again. Saturday night we had a pizza party with Tammy and Bobbi's family...what a great night. Sunday we went to church and than I had a rare treat of spending a few hours with one of my dearest friends. There is nothing like spending an afternoon with a girlfriend! Sunday night Kalina and Steven came over and had supper. We are so blessed having them in the area this spring.
Today is a day of praises....I had my last visit to the plastic surgeon until after chemo although I am having pain now, hoping that after a few days that should lessen. Figure that am 1/3 of way done with treatment!! Tonight Allen and Denise (our pastor and his wife) came over for a visit. They were able to provide us with some insight, comfort and peace for the journey that lies ahead. I know I have said it before, but I am truely blessed with the love of friends and family.
Thank you all for checking in on us...your love, support and prayers are such great encouragement! I can't wait for the day when I can "pass it on" and give to you like you have given to us!
The count down has begun....9 days to the big "C" day.
Friday, February 6, 2009 11:29 PM, CST
I have always prided myself with a really good memory and being pretty organized and on top of things…but this week I made a few oops in that department…first of all, I sent out the wrong location for our Tuesday ladies lunch group, good thing Mike caught my oops…than the next day I was supposed to be bringing Kelsey to school, pulled into my work parking lot and realized I forgot to drop her off…too bad it wasn’t Take your daughter to work day…can I claim “chemo” brain before chemo??
I was having a lot of pain on the left side this week, we didn’t know if it was from my last fill of the expanders, or if I over did it. Ferlin wondered if it was because I use my left arm to pull myself up into the pickup…so he kindly surprised me with taking my mustang out of storage to use (until the snow falls again)…he even brought it to my work and exchanged vehicles…what a great guy!
Thanks Jody for the great lunch, I cherish our talks and time together. Thanks Linda and Alan for spending time with Kelsey and for the supper, it was greatly appreciated. Thanks Pam and Lisa for the cards, Lisa the kids look great! Everyone’s kindness is very appreciated.
5 days to go…
Not for sure what to write…
It seems like when a person is first diagnosed with a life threatening disease, life stops for a bit, than there is a flurry of appts, and than the wait… So, although this past week went really fast, the thought of the next 6 months weighed heavy on my heart. What is it going to be like? How sick am I going to get? How lonely is going to be? Will I be able to stick with my plan on working? How am I going to be a mom? Wife? Friend? Sister? Daughter? Employee? After thinking and praying about all these questions, I take great comfort in knowing that I have the answer that I need for ALL questions: God is my strength and I have all of you for my earthly support. This will carry my family and I through the next 6 months. What a comfort!
Thank you for your prayers and support as we continue this journey. Chemo scares me and I know your prayers will carry me on Wednesday. Please also join us in praying for all the little ones who are fighting illnesses right now, we have several friends and family with little ones that are ill. It is tough to be a parent with sick little ones. Thank-you all! Blessings on your weekend!
Ps…remember to enjoy the gift of todayJ
Tuesday, February 10, 2009 5:46 AM, CST
Hi everyone! Just thought I would send a quick hello as I don't know if I am going to get a chance to post before chemo tomorrow. We had a relatively quiet weekend at our home. My stamina isn't up to par yet, so I did chores and than I sat and rested. Still struggle with the back pain, but did meet with a cancer exercise specialists yesterday and she showed me some stretching exercises. Ferlin and I went on a date Saturday night to one of my most favorite places: Barnes and Nobles. My sister, Bobbi, had given me a gift card so I was able to get a book. So far, from what I have read, this book should help keep me in the right frame of mind for my next step in our journey. Thought I would share the opening paragraph with you all as it really helped me refocus. The book is called Just Enough Light for the Step I'm On by Stormie Omartian.
More and more, God is teaching me to trust Him for every step I take. He constantly calls me to stretch beyond what's comortable. To walk through new territory when I would rather stay with the familiar. To face difficult physical, mental, and emotional challenges. To do things I know I can't achieve by myself without His power. Each time something is required of me that I'm certain I am unable to accomplish in my own strength., I see a picture of just one or two steps being illuminated, while those before and after are engulfed in darkness and cannot be seen. This describes my walk with God. I trust Him for each day of life, grateful for every breath, determined to look for the blessing in the moment, no matter what the circumstances. I follow His lead--even when I can't see where I'm going, even when it scares me to do so--because deep within my spirit I know that these simple steps of faith are preparing me for eternity.
I couldn't have said it better. As much as I trust, the next six months do scare me and going through chemo is probable one of the hardest things I have had to go through. I am so blessed to have others walking with me through this journey.
We have to be at our appt at 1030 tomorrow, visit with the doctor and labs, with chemo to follow. They had told me the first visit usually lasts 5 to 6 hours. I will try and update Thursday or Friday.
Thanks again for all your prayers, love and support!

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