Sunday, October 4, 2009

Caring Bridge Entries

Sunday, April 26, 2009 8:25 PM, CDT
Happy Sunday!Hope this was a great day for you all!Last Thursday's infusion went well and I have been able to stay out of the hospital! Praise!!! Actually didn't feel too bad on Thursday and even worked on Friday. Didn't trust myself to drive yet as my vision was still blurry from chemo, so thanks goes to my brother, Jody, for picking me up from work and bringing me home (and treating me to lunch too!). Saturday and Sunday found me with a lot of bone and muscle pain, with numbness and tingling through out body. Real bummer! If whining would have helped, I would have been calling many of you on my list. Saturday I actually spent the afternoon and evening on the couch watching TV (discovered the Hallmark channel.) For those of you who know me well, know that I don't watch tv...or go to movies (unless I am really trying to be nice to Ferlin). Now, reading a book is another story...definitely my favorite past-time (besides conversing with loved ones). Anyways, Sunday, (with the help of Advil and many prayers) we were able to attend church...I was blessed by being able to connect with so many of our friends and hear a great sermon too! After church, Kalina and her in laws (Deb and Terry) came over for lunch...we so appreciate the time and blessings of family and friends. Hoping the pain lets up by Monday, so I can go to work. Hope all of you have a great week and will try and update Wednesday night!Thanks for your continued prayers and support on this journey! I think I can! I think I can! I think I can! I think I can! can still sign up for the Avera Race against breast cancer! Kim's Angels with Attitudes!
Wednesday, April 29, 2009 8:03 PM, CDT
Hope everyone enjoyed this wet Wednesday! As they say April showers bring May flowers…I can hardly wait!!
The fatigue part of this new chemo is starting to catch up with me, so if we are unable to attend events, please accept our apologies. Thankfully (due to a flexible schedule and understanding supervisor and coworkers), I have been able to continue working full time. This blesses me, as I absolutely love my job. When I first was diagnosed with breast cancer, I questioned my ability to continue working in health and wellness. How could I educate and encourage others on their health when I had cancer? After much research and lots of prayer, I now believe that sometimes you can do everything right and still get an illness/disease. (When you think of it, sometimes it is so silly that we put such guilt on ourselves.) As I continue in the health and wellness field, I am excited to use my breast cancer journey along with my research on nutrition and exercise to help others in their walk towards a healthier lifestyle.
Tomorrow’s treatment is #4 out of 12. Thanks to all who are praying on my behalf.
Sunday we sang this song at church that captured my thoughts:
All I KnowAll I Know Though I feel afraid of territory unknown I know that I can say that I do not stand alone For Jesus, You have promised Your presence in my heart I cannot see the ending, but it’s here that I must startAnd all I know is You have called me And that I will follow is all I can sayI will go where You will send meAnd Your fire lights my way What lies across the waves may cause my heart to fear Will I survive the day, must I leave what’s known and dear?A ship that’s in the harbor is still and safe from harmBut it was not built to be there, it was made for wind and storm.
We are praying for all who read this…knowing that some of you may be in a storm, some just getting gentle rain and others enjoying a sunny day…our prayers and thanks to you all!
Wednesday, May 6, 2009 11:40 PM, CDT
Happy Wednesday!
Hope everyone’s week is going well! Thought I would send a quick update your way! Chemo day last week actually didn’t go too bad; however the weekend was a bit rough. Thankfully, I don’t have the nausea with this round of chemo, but the bone pain and fatigue really knocked me down. Saturday afternoon we went to a baby shower for Kalina and Steven, we are all so excited to be welcoming this new little one to our family! The majority of the weekend was literally spent on the couch. Kelsey and I watched six movies… that is more movies than I have watched the last few years all together. I was able to get my work hours in this week, but limited any other “extra’s”.
This cancer stuff is tougher than I originally thought it was going to be…the challenges of trying to make every day life work and fighting the fatigue is proving to be a bit of a struggle. (It is so hard for me not to feel like I am being “punished”…I have always prided myself in high energy and getting lots done.) Plus, it’s garden season…until this journey began, I hadn’t realized how much our working in the gardens have been a part of our marriage…most people take vacations, we play in our gardens. This year, though, Ferlin is doing all the working and playing. (I am trying to see the positive, but not being as involved really brings on the tears). I keep reminding myself there is next year and many more years to come!! (When Ferlin isn’t looking, I do sneak outside and snip a few flowers for my table or to share with others!)
Tomorrow is chemo #5 out of 12…almost half way there!
I hesitate to ask this, but prayers for a bit of energy this weekend would be appreciated! Kelsey has her dance recital on Friday and Saturday nights at the Washington Pavilion. (I am hoping to be able to go both nights.) Saturday morning is the Race against Breast Cancer—thanks to all who joined our team—although I am bummed by not being able to run/walk this year, I am so excited to see everyone! (I will be cheering on the sidelines with my nieces and nephews!) On Sunday evening, a very special young lady, who is like a daughter to me, has her graduation open house.
As I prepare for bedtime, I am thanking God for my overabundance of blessings! There isn’t a more blessed person than I…great husband, wonderful children and awesome friends and family! Thank you everyone!!
PS…a special Happy Mother’s day to my mom! Thanks for walking this journey with us and showing me the example of love for your children and grandchildren!
PSS…Kalina, although your little one hasn’t arrived yet, mother’s day seems like a great time to welcome you to a very special calling…motherhood is one of the greatest blessings God shares with us! You’re going to be a great mom and I am so proud of you!!

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