Sunday, October 4, 2009

Caring Bridge Entries

Tuesday, June 23, 2009 10:57 PM, CDT
As I was driving home from work today, this song from the disney movie, Aladdin came to mind...
A whole new worldDon't you dare close your eyesA hundred thousand things to seeHold your breath - it gets betterI'm like a shooting starI've come so far I can't go back to where I used to beA whole new worldEvery turn a surpriseWith new horizons to pursueEvery moment red-letterI'll chase them anywhereThere's time to spareLet me share this whole new world with you
A whole new worldThat's where we'll beA thrilling chaseA wondrous placeFor you and me!!!

After these past months, I truely do feel that every day there is a whole new world waiting for all of us! Hard to believe that 6 months ago I had my, this Thursday we are anticipating my last chemo. What a journey it has been climbing this mountain...I will admit the last few weeks has had me feeling like I am barely hanging on, maybe even sliding back down the mountain a seems as if each chemo treatment is bringing on more and more side effects. However, I am so thankful that with this breast cancer journey I have learned God really does carry us when we are too weak to carry ourselves. This past week I have been encouraged by something Paul wrote to the Philippians... “I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.” So although we still have some more of this mountain to climb (testing, radiation and more surgery’s), conquering chemo has brought us closer to the goal of reaching the mountaintop!! Thanks to everyone who has helped carry our bags, brought us meals, cleaned our home, showered us with prayers, etc...We couldn’t have made it this far (doing this well) without all of you!
Make every day a “funfetti” day!
Ps. My family and I still would appreciate your prayers for this last treatment: 1) that my labs are good so I can have chemo 2) side effects don’t get any worse and 3) that chemo did its job and there is no cancer remaining!—thanks!!
Monday, June 29, 2009 5:41 PM, CDT
As most of you know, last Thursday was the last scheduled dose of chemo! Towards the end, I was beginning to have my doubts if we would be able to finish…but prayers were answered and we crossed a very important finish line! With triple negative breast cancer, chemotherapy is the best weapon…without chemotherapy I had a 60% chance that breast cancer would reoccur, since we did chemo that dropped our number to 30% chance of reoccurrence. Our next plan is to meet with the radiation MD on Wednesday along with doing a CT scan to line up the radiation. I guess they tattoo the areas to be radiated…hmmm…will keep you posted on this process.
Although I continue to be challenged with the side effects of chemo, it just tickles me to be done!! We were having such a good time in the infusion center on Thursday that I hardly even noticed I was getting chemo…we had such a fun celebration—thanks everyone! On Friday morning, I was surprised at work by a little celebration—what fun! On Saturday, I went to Luverne with Ferlin, as Ferlin helped my brother with a landscaping project—I sat in the chair and relaxed, while they all worked, and we received a bonus—my brother cooked the most delicious supper! Thanks, bro! On Sunday, the fatigue really hit me…but Kelsey and I were able to go get groceries—first big grocery trip in 7 months (this is something I did not miss doing!) Brett’s birthday was also on Sunday, so we had little family supper…Ferlin and kids all watched a movie while I was able to spend time holding my little guy, Apollo!! I was able to work today, but did find I need many frequent naps. Dr Krie cautioned me that it would take months before my energy returns to normal.
Hope all is going well with everyone! Many thanks again for all your love, support and prayers!**pics of celebration are in photo journal.
Tuesday, July 7, 2009 8:43 PM, CDT
Hi everyone! Hope you had an awesome 4th of July weekend! On Friday, as DAKOTACARE was closed, I worked from home. On Saturday, Ferlin and I went to visit Bobbi and Jody’s family at the lake —wish you all could have tasted those BBQ ribs Jody cooked up for us—I don’t even like ribs but these were delicious—yummy! On Sunday, Ferlin, Kalina, Apollo and I had a little breakfast picnic at Falls park, which we enjoyed greatly—than I went home and took oh, about 4 naps. I find myself getting a bit impatient with having to rest so often, but know that someday I will look back and long for the days of naps… Last week I did have a CT sim with the radiologists office, I found out my implants were expanded a bit too much, so Thursday I went to the plastic surgeons office and had some fluid removed. Next Wednesday I will have a repeat CT sim and hopefully find out the schedule for radiation. (A CT sim is where they line up everything to make sure they radiate the right areas.) Next Thursday, I have a PET scan in the morning and an appt with my oncologists for the results in the afternoon. This week is the first week since this journey started that I don’t have a medical appointment. I am beginning to wonder if all that extra running to doctors along with working, etc. isn’t contributing to some of the fatigue…going through cancer treatment is almost a full time job in itself.
So, the other day, as I went through Starbuck’s drive thru with the top down on my mustang getting my favorite (chia tea), the barista says to me “Your living the dream!” My immediate thought was “yah, right, I have just got done with 16 treatments of chemo, double mastectomy and multiple hospitalizations and feel like a frumpy, bald headed mama with no energy…more like a nightmare, if you ask me. Then I got to thinking….the barista was right—I am living the DREAM!! I have my health, a fantastic husband, the best children, the cutest grandbaby, terrific family and friends, the best job, a great church family, a free country and an awesome God! Can’t get much better than that!!!
Thank you to everyone for helping me fulfill my dream of LIFE! Your support and prayers continue to be so appreciated!

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