Sunday, October 4, 2009

Caring Bridge Entries

Thursday, January 8, 2009 5:00 PM, CST
Yipee!!!!!! Tammy and Nick's lab work looks good! Surgery is planned for tomarrow. Both have to check in at 6 am. Tammy will start surgery and after liver is removed, it will be Nick's turn. Their support team at the hosp will be mom, dad, Jody, Josh, Sue and Sandy. Although the rest of us siblings aren't able to be there in physical prescence, our prayers and thoughts are with you all! Tammy you are my hero and thank you for giving Nick the greatest gift. Nick, I look forward to us healing together and doing the "we kicked cancers butt dance!!" For all our friends and family reading this update, thank you for your prayers.
Another yipee!! I was able to work for a few hours today. I tell ya, I have to work for the greatest company with the most awesome employees. I so appreciate everyone's love and support. What a great group! Although I was pretty tired and achy when my sweet husband came to pick me up, it was good to be back.
Thanks again for the prayer!!!
Friday, January 9, 2009 3:43 PM, CST
Update from Mayo: Tammy in recovery and Nick in ICU....all went good and as planned. Thanks to everyone for their prayers and support. Your prayers for pain relief and a quick, healthy recovery for Nick and Tammy are appreciated. We are so blessed! Will keep you all posted as we know more!
***Sat morning update--Sandi has created a caring bridges for Nick....if you click on home page (top rt hand corner) and put in Nickreisch, you will be directed to his caring page with an update on how Tammy and Nick are doing.
***Sun afternoon update--Tammy's sweet daughter created a caring bridge site for her....if you click on home page (top rt hand corner) and put in Tammyschaap, you will be directed to her caring page with an update on how she is doing.
Monday, January 12, 2009 1:49 PM, CST
Happy Monday!
Calling all prayer warriors....just got an update from my dad on Nick and Tammy. Sounds like they have hit a little bump in the road. Please pray for Tammy that she can get rid of the nausea, dizziness and lessen the pain. She is pretty weak today. Also sounds like Nick needed to go for another test...pray for wisdom for the doctors and nurses. Pray for my mom, Sandi (Nick's fiance) and Mike (Tammy's husband) for strength, endurance and rest.
I have an appt with oncologists on Tuesday. Ferlin and kids will be going with me. To be honest, I am anxious to meet her and get a plan in place...but scared to death of mixed emotions. I was able to work this morning for four hours, with plans to do a bit extra stuff from home a bit later. (Ferlin says I look real tired today and need to take a nap:)
Thanks for praying for all of us! This journey we are on would be really hard, if we didn't have everyone's love and support helping carry us! Thanking God for the blessing of today.
**Just read on Nick's page that his ultrasound today was good. Keep it up little bro!

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