Sunday, October 4, 2009

Caring Bridge Entries

Tuesday, January 6, 2009 2:54 PM, CST
Here is a quick recap of the last few weeks, after discussion with my wonderful breast surgeon and finding out that I had the subtype triple negative, we decided to do a double mastectomy with immediate reconstruction. This surgery took place on Dec 24 at Sanford Hospital in SF. I guess there was a party in the waiting room while I was in surgery--thank you all for the wonderful support for myself and my family. The pain after surgery kind of threw me for a loop, so I stayed an extra day in the hospital. Last Friday we met with our plastic surgeon (who is also fantastic) and she started doing the fills. (Currently I have expanders that were placed under the chest muscle and she will slowly fill these every week to stretch and make room for the implants that are to be placed after all cancer treatment is finished.) The filling is actually a really neat technique, but unfortunately I do end up with muscle spasms for a few days afterward. (Kind of feels like a charlie horse). I have an appt with my breast surgeon tomorrow and will hopefully find out more information regarding staging and plan of action.
Tuesday, January 6, 2009 3:32 PM, CST
Update on Nick. Nick and Tammy will be at Mayo on Thursday this week with lab work. If lab work is okay, transplant will be taking place on Friday. Your prayers are appreciated!
Wednesday, January 7, 2009 5:35 PM, CST
Hi everyone! Thanks for checking up on us! Ferlin and I are so thankful to all our family and friends who have supported us and are helping us along this journey. You all are definately making our load a lighter--thanks!
I had my appt with the breast surgeon today. Here is what we know so far...the left breast was definately the naughty one--it had two masses that were infiltrating (spreading out) and one lymph node was positive for cancer. 22 lymph nodes were negative:)...this cancer is called triple negative--which from my understanding is just a bit more challenging to treat--it typically responds to chemo well, but has a history of higher we will be praying for remission and that it stays in remission for many, many years:) We are praising God that I had a double mastectomy because cancer was also found in the right breast. We did not know this prior to surgery and pathology. There was a 4 cm mass, thankfully still contained. This was actually a different type of breast cancer--hey, I guess we might as well try out a few types...just kidding! All in all, I am healing really well and find my energy increasing every day. I am actually trying to get a work release to return to work on a part time basis for the next little bit. I meet with the plastic surgeon on Friday and my oncologists next Tuesday. A special thanks to Ferlin, my mom and Bobbi for coming with to my appt...I am so blessed.
A month ago today was when we received the news that I had times it is still so hard to believe we are on this journey. One of the things we have learned is that there are times in a persons life that we just have to trust in God with the unanswered questions.We 100% believe that God is faithful and we trust that He is guiding our road to recovery.
Tomorrow is lab day for Nick and Tammy. Thanks for your prayers on their behalf.

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