Monday, July 5, 2010

Garden Thoughts

Like most, I had today off, so I decided to spend some time in my neglected herb and vegetable garden.  As I started to pull the weeds, I couldn't help but compare my spiritual life with the life of my gardens. 

The weeds in my garden remind me of the sin in my life.  Left unattended they can overgrow and crowd out any fruit for harvest.  Sometimes the weeds wrap themselves around the plants and in order to get rid of weeds, I need to sacrafice the plant for the good of the harvest.  Just like some activities and projects may appear good, if not careful I end up getting wrapped up in sin. There are all types of weeds in my garden: quack grass, pigweed, crab grass, plantium, lamb's quarter, wild morning glory, and the worse--thistles.  There are many types of sins in my life: insecurity, doubt, fear, jealousy, anger, and worry.  Weeds like sin, don't necessarily need the proper growing conditions (rain, sun, etc.) to grow, they often thrive on neglect.  Lord, please help me to be aware of my time, so that I don't neglect You and the sins of my life start to thrive. As I pulled the different weeds, I couldn't help but notice the different sizes...some had deep roots that were easy to pull, some were baby weeds, and others were small weeds with a really messy rood system that made them difficult to pull.  Being aware of sins in our life when they first take hold, make them so much easier to conquer.  Lord, thank you for the moments in the garden. By pulling the weeds You helped me to be aware of and acknowledge my sins. Working in the garden reminded me that I need to be vigelent in my christian life, focusing my eyes on You always, knowing you will help me be aware of my sins before they take hold and get too hard to kill.

A couple of other things that I noticed in my garden was how there are stray tomato plants coming up all over the place.  These tomatoes have grown from last years fruit that was recomposted this spring.  I couldn't help but smile thinking how when we produce fruit in our lives, we may unknowingly leave a seed to sprout in someone else's life!  Lord, I pray that my life produces Your fruit.  That others can see Your love in my dailyness.

Yikes, a bunny has eaten our sweet peas down to the ground.  To think that a cute, fuzzy animal can destroy our veggies.  This reminded me how sometimes there are activities in my life that seem innocent, but the time and energy invested in them, can prevent me from producing any fruit.  Lord, I pray that You continue to guide my hours and my days, that I may be Your light, producing good fruit.

Our tomato plants were starting to lay on the ground causing the fruit to rot, so I put wire cages around them to provide them some support.  Just like my lovely tomato plants, we need the support of our family, friends and church community to get up out of the dirt, so we can produce beautiful fruit!  Lord, I thank You that You are our rock and support.  Thank you that we live in community where we can support and be supported! 

Thanks for walking with me as I shared my garden thoughts.  How did you spend your day?



Mary Aalgaard said...

Great garden thoughts!

Roxane B. Salonen said...

Kim, beautiful post. Your analogies are awesome. Loved the garden walk and all that you discovered through it. Unfortunately, I have been inside for far too much of the summer! I have so many things inside that need attention and it is keeping me away from the beautiful outdoors. I feel deprived, and my weeds are growing large. I have neglected my yard, but I just can't do it this year. So, I'm sad about that, but trying to focus on what I'm accomplishing indoors, which is always very important, and a lot like pruning a garden. Thanks for letting me live in the outdoors for a bit viscerally through you. :)

One comment that came to mind as I was reading your thoughts on sin and pruning: as Catholics we are encouraged to confess our sins to a priest regularly. I find the more I do this, the less overwhelming the layers of sin tend to be, and this is exactly why we have this Sacrament. Not everyone, not even other Catholics, understand the importance of this, but it is really for our benefit, to stay fit and pruned so we can do God's work more vivaciously.

Kimberly said...

Hi, Kim! It is so nice to meet you!
I am always blessed by the things God speaks to my heart when I actually get out and tend to my own little garden...pitiful as it is!!! :)

And I love the RICH things He spoke to you here. How weeds thrive on neglect. How weeds can wrap around the good plants, causing those to have to be sacrificed. And the encouraging thought that we may unknowingly leave a seed that may sprout in someone else's life. Wonderful truths for me to think on today! Thank you! :)