Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Eve before I leave...

Just thought I would touch base with you all before I head off to my long anticipated trip. 

My desk has all these notes with great pearls of wisdom and thoughts I wanted to share with you all, however time has slipped away, so I will share them with you when I get back from my trip. 

Are ya wondering what my thoughts are tonight as I make the final preperations...

"I can't believe it!", "What am I doing?", "I'm so excited!", "I can't wait to see what God has planned!""I hope God didn't pick the wrong girl."'I'm trusting God.""Wow!" "Stop time, I want to prepare some more!"

Ok, just in case you are wondering...

Typically when packing for a trip, I follow this sequence.

1)  I pack my books that are on my TBR pile. (To Be Read)

2)  Oh, there's some more books I better bring along.

3)  Geez, I wonder if I'll have time to read this book too.

4)  I better bring a notebook with, just in case I have time to journal.

5)  Hmmm...I wonder if I will have time to go through these magazines too.

6)  Yup, I will confess, I typically don't even think about packing anything else (like clothes, make up, etc.)until 5 minutes before we leave.

So, since I am limited with the amount of space for this trip, I restrained myself and only packed two books (plus my small bible) and one note book.  Still debating on bringing the lap top, but since my lap top has been like my best friend this past year and a half, he will probable come with me. 

Now I know why I don't pack too far in advance as I had a major clothes melt down tonight. I am so fashion challenged, which typically doesn't bother me.  However, I have been browsing other She Speak attendees and they talk about things like shoes and purses matching???  I could be in trouble.   By the time I finally found one acceptable outfit, every shirt and pants that were in my closet were now on my bed, floor, and rocking chair and the tears were beginning to fall.  Thankfully my hubby helped wipe away my tears, gave me a hug and a suggestion and the dirty job of picking out one more outfit!  (Now watch me spill and have to change clothes...urggghhh.)

Just a few more things to finish up and off to bed. 

Thanks for your support, encouragement and thoughts as I take a great big step into my future.

ps.  As long as I keep my focus on the Lord, I am calm...but the minute I start looking at myself....

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