Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts

Just a few things on my mind tonight...

Last evening I was reading a post from Marie @ Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer  Marie posed an interesting question on joy.  Have you ever had an "ah ha" moment?  As I was typing a comment to Marie...I had a BIG "AH HA" moment.  The thought occured to me, that in order to have joy in my heart, I was going to have to get rid of the fear.  It is at that moment that I realized  fear of reoccurance occupy's a bigger part of my heart than I really want to give it.  I think I read some where that God knew we would struggle with fear as I believe that word is mentioned in every chapter of the bible. (I haven't researched this, so please don't quote me.)  My fear is health related, but I know there are so many struggling with other fears.  I believe God wants us to experience joy in Him and to do that we must address our fears, wrap them in a pretty box with a great big bow and hand them over to Him.  Lord, hear our my fears--thank you for replacing them with your joy!
Thank you to Mary from Play off the Page for this award.  What a surprise!  Mary is from my home state of Minnesota and can be found hanging out at a local coffee shop!  I have so appreciated Mary's thoughtful insights and encouragement. 
I would like to pass this award on to Luann at Running the Race.  Luann is a sister in Christ who came along in my life at just the right time!  Luann is currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer and I know she would appreciate your prayers as she completes this stage of the journey!

A friend and co-survivor and I were discussing tonight how there are so many sad cancer stories shared with us and how it would be great if we could hear more of the positive stories.  So, Kerri, dear friend I am posted part of an article from our local paper as an encouragement to us all!
That's why I admire people such as Judy Davis, who both does and teaches.

Judy will retire at the end of the school year after doing and teaching for 40 years.
After one year in Arizona, she spent the next 39 years at Patrick Henry Middle School. Judy estimates she's had more than 5,000 students in her classroom - and she's had only four of those - in that time.
Colleagues call her "the queen of Patrick Henry."
Former students, even those who never learned world geography from her, call her an inspiration.
Justin Beckman, now 29, describes Judy as one of the top five memorable teachers he has encountered. Because of Judy, he follows the Olympics with enthusiasm.
"She was able to take lessons and relate them to the real world," Justin says. "I walked away with a different understanding and appreciation."
As word of her upcoming retirement has filtered out, Judy has started to receive comments on a Facebook fan page set up in her honor.
The only retirement gift Judy wants is to hear from her former students on that fan page, to find out what they remember from her classes.
Oh, there is one other thing she would like: People to walk with her in the Avera Race Against Breast Cancer.

Judy was diagnosed with breast cancer in December 1986 and was told she had only a few months to live.  Aggressive treatment, the best available almost 25 years ago, left her with a few lingering health issues. But it saved her life.
It allowed her to continue teaching at the school that, when she was a little girl living a block away, was only a cornfield and the neighborhood playground.

Now 62, she takes part in the annual Avera Race Against Breast Cancer. This year Judy hopes to walk May 8 with 300 current and former students.  "It intertwines both of them in my love for community service and teaching social studies and a sense of responsibility and citizenship," she says.
To read the complete article here is the link:  http://www.argusleader.com/article/20100413/COLUMNISTS0113/4130306


Running the race said...

Kim I cannot tell you how surprised and honored that you would give me the "Silver Lining Award." Mary this is a great idea! Kim I have to say the same thing about you!

God's word says: Two people are better than one. If one falls down the other can help him up. I think that is what we women are doing!

This award came at just the right time as I am really struggling as I have to do the Herceptin on Friday via an IV. I still have bruises on my arm of the reminder that the IV didn't work last week for the muga scan and they had to do the Eco cardiogram instead.

However, as Marie reminded me this am about Grace from her blog this morning from a story that is very Southern (I live in NC), I recall the grace that God has so freely given me for this journey. My goodness He has taken care of every detail from who my surgeon would be, my oncologist (well at times I still wonder about that choice but I think only this guy could handle my sometimes crazy questions and push back on some things:) God took care of recovery from chemo..although I still struggle with fatigue and for the most part puts something in the day that I smile about.

God's word also says that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever so why would he stop caring? The truth is he won't. So onward and up. A new day to tackle. Be blessed!

Roxane B. Salonen said...

Kim, inspiring things going on here today. Thank you for the love you have shown me in the last weeks. As for fear, you are so right! Identifying this is the first step. I read Max Lucado's "Fearless" a few months ago. I passed it on to Mary last time she visited. It has a lot of great thoughts on overcoming fear. Be well, and go forth with confidence that God is truly taking care of you, now and always...

kim said...

Roxanne--thanks for the tip on the book--I will be checking it out--Max Lucado is one of my favorite--(actually he was very instrumental in some emotional healing a few years back...)

lisasmith said...

What an inspiration you are, Kim. (Thanks for your email... I do have lots of questions)

You are so right, if fear is taking up space in our hearts that's less joy that can be there. So instead of fear I choose trust. Every.single.day.

love, lisa

Mary Aalgaard said...

Thank you, Kim, for saying such nice things as you graciously accepted that award. I would like to encourage more people to read your blog. You offer hope and encouragement.

Maybe someday you'll see me at a coffee shop near you!

kim said...


If you are ever in Sioux Falls, I have the perfect place!! However, maybe I will surprise you and check out your coffee shop (before you make it such a famous place :)