Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Early morning thoughts

At 430 this morning I was awoken to the statement: How we handle the challenge of adversity displays our true character. Hmmmm. A defining moment. All day I found myself questioning "have I been handling adversity with the character of God?" With some of my recent challenges: cancer journey, surgery, etc...I have clung to the knowledge "Not by my strength, but by His"
Yesterday I shared with you about struggling with rejection. I hope I was able to convey that instead of accepting "no" as rejection, I am choosing to use "no" as a time of refinement. A chance to become more like Him. There will always be times in life of disappointments, sadness and heartache. What comfort to know that God meets me every time in these places, grabs my hands, and walks me through the challenges! I am so blessed!

1) God has placed on my heart to explore some fundraising possibilities for support of cancer patients. This fundraising would help support a few ideas I have to show love and concern for those traveling the journey. I would love to be able to provide "chemo kits" and celebration day baskets. Chemo kits would include supplies that help with some of the side effects of chemo. The celebration bag would include gift cards/products for some "pampering" in celebration of being done with treatment. If you are a cancer survivor please share with me some ideas that would have made your chemo journey easier or how you celebrated or would have liked to celebrate the end of treatment. (Sorry lack of funds for traveling :)
2) Its launched. My husband owns http://www.greenscapessf.com/. Yesterday we launched the website. If you have some time check out our site GreenScapes Lawn & Landscaping, Inc. Although GreenScapes is just a small one man company--I am so proud of my man!
3) My daughter, son-in-law and grandson are coming for a visit this week. They will be traveling from Montana--thanks for joining me in prayer for a safe trip. We haven’t seen them for 6 months. I am so excited!
4) A fellow blogger and friend of mine, Luann has started the process to help me raise some support for me to attend the She Speaks Conference. Please join us in prayer that if this is God's timing for me to attend this year, the doors will open.
Thanks .....and I can't wait--next blog update will have pics of my grandson!!


Running the race said...

Good Morning Kim! I love the idea of the chemo baskets! How would you do this? Would it be something that is local to where you live or would you do this via mail? My biggest thing I experienced was my face was so dry. Gold Bond puts out a lotion that is enriched with CoQ2 which worked great!

How exciting for your hubby in his new website. I will check it out for sure! And I do know how exciting it is to see your Grandson! Mine will be coming from Seattle Washington the last week of June. I know chemo really put the stops on seeing my Grandkids due to my low immune system!

Lastly, I would really like to ask your blogger sisters to join Kim and myself in prayer that God would confirm to Kim if now is the time for her to go to She Speaks. God has really put this on my heart for Kim. Yesterday I was reading about having faith as big as a mustard seed which can move mountains. So God is able to work out all of the details including funding for her to go. We just want to be sure that it is what God wants for her.

Hugs today Luann

Anonymous said...

You two girls just really make me excited with your faith and your enthusiasm. I am so looking forward to seeing how this will develop Kim!