Thursday, April 15, 2010

I Did it!!

Call me absolutely crazy, but I entered the She Speaks contest.  Except for a few blogging contests, I have never entered an article submission was much more challenging than I anticipated!

First of all to come up with a topic.  I so wanted to do something about trials, cancer, etc...but God kept putting it on my heart to write about teens and marriage.  So last night I wrote the first draft.  Today when I went to go do revisions, I couldn't find the file on my computer--Gone!  So, I was going to give up and not enter...but something kept nudging me to try again.  So, after arguing with God and asking Him if I was completely crazy, time was not on my side...I wrote an article titled...We Interrupt this Marriage for Teenagers.  Regardless if I win or not, writing this article has been an eye opening experience!
  • Thinking about the article and trying to be God honoring, etc helped me regain some of the distance I was starting to feel in my walk with God.
  • I didn't think about cancer for two days--too busy!
  • I learned that writing takes alot of hard work and rewrites.
  • I learned that writing brings an excitement and joy to my life!
  • I learned that I really want to and need to spend more time in God's word, it was a challenge for me to find the scripture referrences I would have liked to include in the article, but this is a weak area of mine.
  • I like to be "in tune" with God and practice obedience, even if I sometimes dig in my heals, kick and scream the whole way!
  • I am excited to have my focus back on what God has planned for me.  I tell ya, it is no fun to live in the fear!  And I am actually starting to feel more like my ol' self.  Regarding God's plan:  Maybe its writing, maybe its not, but regardless, I know what ever it is, it will be GOOD!
Question for all my writing friends, do you remember your first writting submission?  What was the topic?  Was it scarry for you too?  Were you excited?


benwl said...
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Running the race said...

Kim I am rejoicing with you! I can feel the excitement in your words and I am praying for you sister! Wow the spoken word is so powerful! We are agreeing that God has heard your prayers and will provide!

Since I am a newbee to writing my first blog title was "You won't believe this prayer request" Aug 6, 2009 I sent out an email to my friends asking for prayer. I began this cancer Journey.

Kim said...

Thank you Luann--you are a constant encouragement and regardless if I can attend the She Speaks or not, I have a feeling you and I will get to meet in person someday.

To anyone else reading this blog: I do not know how to disable comments or else I would disable the comment from benwl. Although there might be a time and place for the information shared, I do not support this information. I believe that if there was a cure for cancer--everyone would know it!! That being said, I do believe there are things we can do help our body heal and hopefully prevent abnormal cell growth...this will have to a topic for another day! In my book, God is the only miracle provider.

Anonymous said...

Reading the comments between you and Luann makes my heart sing - I just knew you two were destined to meet! I am so excited you are entering this competition Kim and am looking forward to reading your submission :-)

(Regarding disabling comments - it should be in your admin settings - if you go back and check it out.I often get comments like the above and disable them instantly - I consider them spam and don't support them either.)

Kim said...

Thanks Marie for the tip on how to disable comments. What would we do with you? Not only for your blogging knowledge, but for all the help and encouragement you provide! Blessings on your day!

Anonymous said...

All my inspiration comes from readers and bloggers like you and Luann! I tried to leave a comment on your latest post - another great post! - but I think you may have disabled the comments?