Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sparkling in South Dakota

This past week, one of my blogger friends, Journey Beyond Breast Cancer shared an insightful post on survivor's guilt.  One of my most favorite (and encouraging) paragraphs from this post was:
In his book, Travelling Light (The Columba Press) Daniel J. O’Leary quotes Bearwatcher, an Apache medicine man. “In the Apache language there is no word for ‘guilt.’ Our lives are like diamonds. When we are born we are pure and uncut. Each thing that happens to us in our lives teaches us how to reflect the light in the world; each experience gives us a new cut, a new facet in our diamond. How brilliantly do those diamonds sparkle whose facets are many, to whom life has given many cuts!”
Simply Sparkling in South Dakota!


Jan said...

Ohhhhh Kim, honey, please forgive me for taking soooooooooo long to stop by and give you a great big "cyber hug" and "thank you" for all your visits over to my site and for all your kind and encouraging words ... and most importantly your prayers!!! I soooooooo appreciate you and I am so sorry for all that you have had to endure. I really hated to hear that you are now facing a new health issue w/the hysterectomy. I had to do that myself about 8 years ago, but I did OK cuz of the HRT's. I would be sooooooo mad at myself if they had been the cause of my most recent situation; but as you know, they aren't what caused this mess w/us Triple Negative gals. There are an awful lot of natural supplements available today and I will be praying hard that one of them work for you after the surgery. My heart is with you sweetie along w/oodles of prayers. You are one of God's angels and please don't ever forget that :) Thank you for everything!!!!! Love, Jan :)

Nancy said...

Somehow being compared to a diamond just makes me feel better!

Roxane B. Salonen said...

Kim, I like sparkling things. They are a reflection of God's brilliant love for us! Like Jan, I feel badly for not stopping by. With my new business, blog reading has had to take a backseat. It is nothing personal at all. But seeing you in my comments back made me run here to say Hi and I miss you, and I'll be praying for your surgery. You will do great -- you are in good hands, both on earth and above it. Hugs to you dear!