Saturday, September 4, 2010

Chai from the Sky

This past Tuesday I had an appt with the obgyn's office which led to some procedures.  Good news--ultrasound appeared negative for any cancer (I guess once you have cancer this is something that is always going to be a concern.)  Bad news--horrible back pain continued for most of the week.  The gyn MD had offered surgery, I politely explained to them that I had a trip planned for Montana over the weekend and surgery wasn't an option at this time.  I did agree to return for an appt on Thursday if pain continued.
After my appointment, on my way to work I had called my  husband in tears:  partly from pain, partly from fear and partly from being sick and tired of being sick and tired!  As usual, Ferlin asked me if there was something that he could do for me.  I quickly told him PRAY!  He asked, "what should I pray for?"  I replied, "Two things:  One for some definitive answers and second, for a chai to fall from the sky!" (Chai tea is one of my most favorite comfort drinks.)  Well, imagine my surprise when I got to work and my coworker had picked me up a chai tea on her way to work (about 1 1/2 hours before my prayer request.)  We all enjoyed the moment of a simple prayer requested being answered.
On Thursday, the pain continued so I once again found myself at the obgyn's office.  We had the talk (amidst my tears).  Unless a miracle occurs, I will be having a complete hysterectomy mid October.  My gyn thinks that my pain is coming from ovarian cysts and endometrosis.  To my best understanding (from the limited research I have found)...when a woman goes through chemotherapy it can affect the ovaries.  Since I never really had any female issues prior to breast cancer, I am thinking my ovaries have gone "crazy".  It does make me a bit angry that I have to have another surgery, that I will be in "instant menopause", but it is what it is.... 

Mood wise this has been a much better week--thank goodness!

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Running the race said...

Kim I am still praying for God's Grace in this situation. We are going to speak to this mountain and believe that nothing is impossible with out God! Hugs today Kim!