Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Starting over...

The last four weeks I have either been traveling for work, or staying with my daughter and her family in Montana.  With all this travel, I fell off the track.
So, today when my boss asked us if we wanted to exercise on our lunch hour.  I was a little less than enthused. I tried the "It is so beautiful, maybe we should walk outside." Thinking to myself, "I know if we go to gym to exercise, my muscles will be hurting tomorrow.  Well, my boss replied, "You can walk if you would like, but I am ready for a serious work out."  My thoughts, "Really??"  Anyways, this is where peer pressure is a good thing. 

We compromised.

We did a "boot camp" workout at Sertoma Park and the beautiful Outdoor Campus.  The weather was absolutely beautiful. 

The whole time I was sweating and panting, I was thinking about this blog.  How perfect that today was Wellness Wednesday and I was experiencing a work out that didn't include a gym. 
We did sprints from tree to tree.
We did push ups.
We did crunches and abs. 
We did triceps dips.

We did stretching and tested our challenged our fear of heights.

So, once again, I am making another "first" step attempt to get back on the physical activity train.  Hmmm...wonder how far I will get this time??

Question:  Do you ever find yourself getting derailed on your walk to wellness?  Care to share any tips on how you stay on track??


Marie Ennis-O'Connor said...

I am so easily derailed Kim, it's embarrassing! Well done on getting back on track. I think your post really highlights for me how important it is for some of us to have a group to help keep us motivated. When it's just me on my is easy to find excuses not to do it.

Deana said...

Kim, I love ready your posts. They are so inspiring :) Time, unfortunately, is my biggest hurdle. I will keep trying, girl.

Mary Aalgaard, Play off the Page said...

You just took a little pit stop for R&R, from the R/R. Funny. Choo Choo off you go!

Nancy's Point said...

Oh my, this is a timely post for me! I have been so de-railed as of late. We've been doing some remodeling and somehow that became an excuse to not get out of the house because I had to supervise or something, I don't know...Well, now it's almost finished and I have no more excuses. Plus, the weather is gorgeous now. I am getting out there tonight to get back on track with my walking. Thanks for giving me a nudge. I needed one.

Julia Tomiak said...

Kim, I'm glad you got back to exercise. Love the train picture! We all get off track- don't worry about the past and do the best you can with the day in front of you! I'm giving this blog the "Liebster Award" - a "Pay it Forward" award for blogs that deserve more traffic. More info at my blog