Sunday, October 31, 2010

Avera Cancer Gala and Lance Armstrong

This past Friday night I was blessed with a "Fancy Nancy" night and the memories of attending the Avera gala are engraved in my heart.  A special thank you to S for the opportunity, to M.D. for giving me the opportunity to wear a fancy dress and to J for the little black bag.  Here are some pics from the evening!
Lance Armstrong on the big screen!

S--friend and breast cancer survivor, L--S's friend (and now our friend too!), me, and C--friend and breast cancer survivor

The night was inspirational as well as beautiful!  It was so much fun to see everyone so fancy and celebrating the opening of a new, absolutely spectacular cancer center.  Prior to Friday evening, I really wasn't that familiar with Lance Armstrong's story and vision.  I vaguely remember checking out the Livestrong site when I was first diagnosed and being encouraged of his success despite having advanced cancer.  In his speech on Friday night, Lance not only shared his story...he issued a challenge.  A challenge that has begun to haunt my days.  He shared with the audience that one of his physicians explained to Lance that he could either go out the back door of the hospital and pretend cancer never happened...get back on to your former can go through the front door--for the whole world to share your support and make a difference in the world of cancer!

When I was first diagnosed, I remember thinking (after the shock of hearing those life changing words) "Okay--let's get this treatment done, so I can get back to my life!"  UMmmm, yah, it's not working like that--Cancer isn't who I am, but it is part of my life journey!  Now, the challenge...what does my "front door" look like? 


Roxane B. Salonen said...

Kim, first off, may I saw you are looking beautiful these days? Second, that is scary, isn't it? I'm not sure what my front door looks like either. Something to ponder, for sure. I have been intent on finding out what God wants me to do with the rest of my life, and how I can best serve Him. I think that's pretty much the same is finding the front door and what's beyond it. Thanks for the great post and thoughts!

nancyspoint said...

Kim, Thanks for sharing about this special night. Probably most breast cancer survivors are trying to figure out their new front door, I know I sure am. I keep telling myself there has to be a reason why I was chosen for this path. And yes, you do look really lovely!

Running the race said...

Kim you look fabulous my dear. What a special night and yes it is great to have the opportunity to dress up once in awhile! The one thing about God is he is amazing and for sure there is never a dull moment in our walk with Him! I love how you are open and ready to do what God wants you to do! Blessings today..Luann