Saturday, October 23, 2010

Life from the couch

Just checkin' in with a few thoughts from the couch.  Last weeks surgery went is amazing  how you can have body parts removed and be discharged from the hospital by 10 the next morning??  Thankfully, my pain hasn't been much different than the pain I had prior to surgery.  Fatigue continues to be my biggest battle and although I think napping is a waste of time... I am listening to my body and am resting appropriately.  I am excited to report that the day after surgery, I was able to start back on my walking program, going short distances (5 minutes) six times a day.  (Lest you think I am Ms. Physically Fit--I am in a wellness program at work and we receive points for our activity--got to love competition!)  Due to increased pain--I didn't walk yesterday, but every other day I have been able to complete my goal.

Sitting on the couch allows time to stop and ponder the how's, why's and what now's...

Still pondering...still praying...still resting....still trusting in the Almighty God!

One funny thought to leave you with this Saturday morning:  What do you get when you have "instant menopause" and a 15 year old daughter who received her driver's license in the same week?....yup, could be interesting! 

Have a great day and may you find some "white space" in your day to take a step towards your dream!!


JeMA said...

So glad to hear you are recovering well. I understand the frustration of having to rest. Good for you, listening to your body's needs! You might get a lot of reflection and writing done!

Mary Aalgaard said...

Thanks for all your honest sharing on this blog. I spent some time skimming and catching up. I was drawn to the thoughts by your husband. How he felt helpless to protect you. Heal well and fast. You're still a woman, a very strong woman. Carry on!

nancyspoint said...

It is amazing how quickly the body recovers from all this surgery stuff. Sometimes resting is hard, but necessary, so be sure to allow your body time for that each day. It will be interesting with the new driver together with all this other change - all part of life's journey as a woman/mom. Take care.