Saturday, August 7, 2010

She Speaks, She Sits, She Shares

Last weekend I had one of the greatest blessings of my life.  Along with 600+ other women I attended the She Speaks conference in Charlotte, NC.  This week has found me with just having to "sit" with the experience and now my plan for the next few blogs entries is to share how God spoke to my heart through this incredible experience.

First, before I share on the conference, let me share that....I absolutely loved flying! (even with a few unexpected delays, setting off the security alarms and getting frisked!) 

She Speaks offered a preconference women's ministry leadership seminar.  Our opening session was lead by Wendy Blight called Taking Your Calling to a Deeper Place.  Here are just a few nuggets that I was blessed with from Wendy's message:
  • Join God where He is at work
  • We need to passionately connect with Christ.
  • We learn by sitting at the foot of the cross.
  • Jesus engaged the enemy and we will face the enemy too.
  • We need to be prepared for the battle.
Here is a prayer that was shared in our handout from Wendy:

"Lord, I am not great.  But You, Lord, are very great.  In Your immeasurable power and greatness, in your absolute sovereignty take my little, insignificant life and make a difference far beyond my capabilities."

When I was preparing for the conference, my prayer was that I would meet God and hear Him, maybe even get a sense of the direction for His plans for my life.  While, I didn't have any "defining moments", what I did hear and experience was that God has a special calling designed for each of His children.  So, right now, I am going to continue on the same path....slowing down so I can hear Him speak.

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Running the race said...

Kim I have been anxiously awaiting what happened at She Speaks via your blog! I think sometimes God "dripps" on us so that we will be able to run full force with what he has. If he sent a waterfall we would drown.

Sounds like there was alot of dripping going on! I am so thrilled that you were ok with flying. See God knows what it is going to take to get us out of our comfort zone and I am glad you were able to go sweet lady. I so appreciate your ministry Kim as you lead! Hugs sister!