Sunday, August 26, 2012

Surprise and Blessing!

Before I update you on my doctor's appointment and lingering neck pain, I want to share with you a special surprise and blessing from this past week.

We met through our blogs a few years back...I was inspired by her words and her art--she liked my realness.  We lived miles apart, never did I think we would meet in person.  She took a detour on her trip to Rapid City--and I had a delightful surprise!

We chatted like long lost friends, barely coming up for air...practically skipping hello's to sharing our past and hopes for our future.  What a privilege to introduce you to my blogger and now "real life" friend Jennifer (Jema).  Jennifer is a beautiful wife, mother of 4, artist and in her spare time you can find her blogging at Studio Jema.  Our time together was precious...a blessing and memory I will forever cherish.

Jema blessed me with some of her beautiful art work.

Here's a pic of where I placed my new treasure!

Thank you Jema for sharing your time, your story, and your dreams.  My prayers are with you and your family as you "Inspire to Inspire!"

Question:  Care to share one of your surprise moments?

Oh, almost forgot--doctor's appt. 
I did labs--normal! 
She gave me some muscle relaxant--pain decreasing!
PET scan was ordered--I asked to postpone for a week or so.
Physical therapy to start on Friday.
Boot camp--on hold! (bummer)


Marie said...

I have missed your blog Kim! So sorry to hear about your pain, but tickled pink to read about your real life meet up with a another blogger - I just love when this happens! Warmest Wishes to you..Marie xxx

Susan O said...

Blessings Kim...let me know if I can help with the pain...prayer and therapy are effective allies!

Love your blog...this is my first time viewing it

Susan Stilwell said...

What a great surprise, Kim! And I'm glad to hear your labs came back normal.
Praying you're feeling relief soon, and that that CT is clear. And also praying for you to be fully restored and healthy SOON!

Oncology Surgery India said...

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Hester's Heart said...

Praise the Lord on your labs Kim! This is wonderful and what an awesome blessing to meet your friend. :) Isn't God good?!

Bless you, Hester :)

Julia Tomiak said...

I'm so glad everything checked out okay. I hope P.T. will bring you some relief from pain. How exciting to meet a blogging buddy! Her site looks interesting - thanks for the introduction. said...

I've been blessed to meet three of my fellow breast cancer bloggers and hope to meet more. You're right about skipping the hellos and communicating on a much deeper level. "Real" and authentic is the key to any great relationship. I'm not interested in people who only present a superficial mask.


Jema said...

Thank you for a beautiful time connecting with truth and laughter. I am inspired by you!