Monday, August 6, 2012

From Failure to Overcoming the Nevers

If we aren’t failing, then we aren’t doing anything interesting.
Expect failure. Better yet, embrace failure.
~Kristine Lamb

Today, I read the above words from a fellow blogger, Kristine Lamb…and they gave me courage to hop on this blog and write something…anything…to get over the fear of failing. You see, I look at my last post update, and I get so disappointed in my lack of discipline in posting on a more regular schedule. Kristine talks more about discipline and fear post today called “Unlocking Your Great Future—5 Keys to Writing Success.”

Since I last posted, I have had many blog posts written in my mind, but time didn’t permit me to sit long enough to share the words and stories…

From creating simple memories like watering my flowers with my 3 year old grandson, while family and friends enjoyed a game of croquet in our backyard to some grander memories like sharing an adventure with my two daughters, I have had an enjoyable summer.

However this past month, just being honest and sharing, I have been struggling. While I was busy creating memories, pain and fatigue crept back into my life. As, often happens, they bring their buddy fear with them. I keep telling them, I don’t have time for their visit—but I think they like me, as they just don’t want to leave. Except fear, that is…he stepped one foot into my mind and when I started reading God’s word to him—you should have seen him run. So, the last few weeks, I cleared my schedule—limiting my time to family and work, decreasing the intensity of my exercise schedule…and increasing my awareness of proper nutrition and sleep, hoping that pain and fatigue will discover they are NOT welcome here.

One good thing about taking the time to rest, I have had been able to spend a little more time reading. On Saturday, I was reading a blog post on Karen Ehman’s site. She introduced us to Teri Johnson. Teri is the President and Founder of Keeping It Personal ( a company that specializes in self-development training and discovering your life purpose and The Refine Conference for Women ( (Conference is in Minneapolis, MN…so close, yet so far…definitely something on my “to do” list next year.) Teri is also the author of the newly released book, Overcoming the Nevers. I spent the last few days with Teri, her web site and her book. Even though I have only read the first three chapters of her book, the message Teri share’s is helping give me the tools to move forward…towards leading a life God has called me. I will share more as time and energy permits. If you are interested in a personal growth book—you definitely need to read this book.

Q. What new book have you discovered this summer?


Teri Johnson said...

WOW...I'm SO happy to hear you are enjoying Overcoming the Nevers. My heart is smiling just knowing that God is speaking to your heart through it.

I have so many thoughts I want to share with you about the start of this post, BUT the one I will share is this: GRACE. Give yourself some grace sweet are NOT a failure, you are on a journey of becoming, refining, and growth -- rest in HIM. He is more interested in you seeking HIM and drawing near to HIM than what you can do for Him.

I love your heart! Thank you for sharing -- continue to enjoy your summer...create memories...count your blessings...embrace His priceless gifts.

I can't wait to hear more from you as you journey through the pages of my books. YOU are an encouragement to me, thank you for the feedback. Truly.

Keeping it Personal,
Teri Johnson

Susan Stilwell said...

Thanks for the book recommendation, Kim! With my college kids at home, I haven't had much time for pleasure reading. I did read the debut novel of Jennifer Fromke - A Familiar Shore. It's a quick, enjoyable read. Always fun to see a new author have success.

Glad to see a new post from you!!
Hugs from VA :)

Hester's Heart said...

Thanks for sharing about this book. I've heard of the conference but not the book, so thank you Kim!! I finished "Beautiful Offering" by Angela Thomas and was blessed - she writes very real and you can identify with her. ;) It's based on the sermon the mount.

Bless you, Hester ;)

Julia Tomiak said...

Kim, Glad to see you post again. Just do the best you can and don't beat yourself up. I'm glad that you've allowed yourself some rest, and I'm inspired by your positive thinking.
A great book I've discovered this summer is "Unglued" by Lysa TerKeurst. In it, she explains how we can react constructively in difficult situations/ conflicts. She bases her suggestions on scripture and lessons from her own life. I heard her speak about it; she had me laughing and then crying. She's very real. I highly recommend "Unglued"! Take care of yourself!