Tuesday, June 12, 2012

It never ends...

"Yesterday, the sad news was announced  by Good Morning America host Robin Roberts that she’s battling a rare blood disorder similar to leukemia highlights the very real risks of cancer treatments. (Her heart-breaking interview posted above shows how tough it is to battle health problems while in the public eye.) Roberts’ condition, called myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS), is a pre-leukemia thought to be triggered by chemotherapy drugs given to her five years ago for breast cancer...."
to read more please go to this article by the Boston Globe.

My words are all jumbled...my thoughts confused...my heart is so sad...

my faith is in the Great Healer!!

72 times and counting...this is the number of times I have attempted to write my thoughts on yesterdays announcement by Robin Roberts.  I am struggling to find the right words.  Three short years ago I heard the devastating words, "You have cancer,"   My family and I made some tough choices regarding treatments, knowing that the treatments themselves could have life time consequences. 

Sweet words..."life time."  

 Last evening, I read that Robin and I (like many breast cancer survivors) had the same type of chemotherapy that doctors think may have caused Robin's MDS. Talk about hitting close to home.  And, I will be honest, for a few minutes...the fear started to creep in...but not for long.  Because, like Robin says, "Focus on the fight, not the fright."  Although, I do have some long term challenges from my treatment choices, I don't regret any of my decisions and yesterday's announcement by Robin reminded me, once again...

Life is a precious gift!

Ps...ok, for the record...I do think it stinks that Robin finds herself in another battle...it makes me angry and I so can't wait for the day when cancer is NO more!


Hester's Heart said...

Amen Kim!

There will be no more sorrow, sickness or pain. Glory awaits us.

Love, Hester ;)

Mary Aalgaard said...

Focus on the fight not the fright. Great words to say as a mantra. You are a survivor. Prayers for Robin, you, and all cancer fighters.