Monday, June 4, 2012

Boot Camp Survivor

Today's survival picture!!

The first of May, a few coworkers and I joined a "boot camp" at a near by gym.  Oh, goodness....does "boot camp" put a whole new meaning to the word survivor!  We have this class on Mondays and Fridays at noon.  Today I asked the instructor, "Will we ever not hurt so bad after class?"  Her reply, " are using different muscles all the time and most likely you will feel it!'

A few weeks ago, I had left the class in tears.  You see, I am the least fit of everyone in the class.  I am the one who struggles to keep up.  I am the one who comes in last with every set of exercises.  I also develped shin splints.  That day I ached all over and was frustrated my lack of ability. 

When I returned to work that day, I was sharing my frustration with a co-worker who doesn't exercise with us and she politely reminded me that my fellow boot campers hadn't experienced the cancer journey...and basically said, "You need to give yourself some grace."

So, that afternoon, I was having coffee with a dear friend.  I shared with her my frustration and exhaustion from boot camp, and shared with her the words used by my co-worker to encourage me.
My friend challenged me with her words.  She said, "Kim--what if you wouldn't have experienced your setbacks through your cancer treatment?  What is wrong with being the last one on the team?  Isn't it okay to just be who you are and where you are at?" 

Hmmmm...good questions...

So....I still am the slowest in our class....and I still struggle lots!  But, my frustration is gone, now replaced with embracing the moment and celebrating whenever we "survive" a day at boot camp!


Anonymous said...

you are my hero!

Love you,

Julia Tomiak said...

Keep going girl! Don't give up!