Tuesday, March 15, 2011

YIKES!!! Wipe OUT!!!!

My morning:
4:15 AM--alarm that I thought was set for 5:15 AM goes off.  Turn off alarm.  Lay in bed, doze back to sleep
5:25 AM--wake up hubby and ask him if he wanted to go to gym--a groggy "no" was his reply.  Attempt to wake up 15 year old daughter to go to gym--"How can it be morning?" was her reply.  Get dressed to go to gym by myself.  (After all, I have told my cyberspace cheering team that I am running for a 5K.)
5:40 AM--drive to gym.
5:42 AM--arrive at gym--what?? All treadmills in use...I would like to say my thoughts were "good for them!" But, nope, I was thinking, "You have got to be kidding me, I am all psyched up to run and now there is no machine....urghhh."
5:45 AM--realize that although it is still pretty dark outside, the temps weren't too bad, so I could just do my running outside.  Drive home!
5:50 AM--put on my gloves and hat, start my walk/run.  (Thanks Elisa for the tip on downloading the training program to my iPod....works awesome--love it!)
6:05 AM--receive a phone call from dear hubby with a warning to be careful as there are some real slick spots that are hard to see.  I assure him that I am watching it!
6:08 AM--WIPE OUT!!  OUCH!!  Down I went...(thankfully nothing broken.)
6:10 AM--Walk through front door with tears in my eyes and limp slowly to my chair.  Discouraged and frustrated.

I don't know about you, but my life is sometimes like this morning.  I try something, it doesn't work out, I try it a different way, I wipe out....many times I repeat this cycle....but.....thankfully....with God's help, I always get up.  Sometimes, I may have a limp...and many times a few tears....but I always have His guidance and direction leading me to home!! 

Hmmmm....a spiritual lesson from falling on the ice when training for a 5K....

May you have a slip free day! 

PS.  If you do slip, remember God is there to help you up!


Mary Aalgaard said...

With all those obstacles, you are a great success for trying and trying AGAIN. Sorry for your fall. That can be hazardous this time of year. You're doing great.

nancyspoint said...

Kim, I'm impressed with the fact you got out of bed, made it to the gym, got back up after the slip, only shed a few tears and inspired the rest of us with this post! Life is one long series of "slips" or obstacles which we keep on stumbling our way through, or around, whatever works. Here's to many "slip free" days for all of us!

Brenda Coffee said...

Oh Kim, I can so identify with your two steps forward and three steps back. That seems to be my life lately. Some days I think I'm over the hump, then the next day, like today, I'm heartbroken. Every day without James seems like some kind of sick joke that I don't understand. I do, however, feel God's guidance in my life. Even so, this is hard. So like you, I will keep trying to do what I know is best for me.


BreastCancerSisterhood said...

Kim, Saw your comment about your Dad on Marie's blog. Saying a prayer for your family.


JeMA said...

Kim, wonderful effort! I have empathy for the pain from the fall, both physically and emotionally. WHAT was the meaning of that morning???? Sometimes, you just have to wonder!

Running the race said...


I know I have been a long time awol, however, keep going girlfriend! You are an inspiration!

Hugs Luann