Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year! I hope today finds you excited and anticipating the surprise party God has for us this upcoming year!

I apologize for not posting for a few weeks…December is a tough month for me with many “cancer” memories.  Also, as the winter storm systems come through, my body aches like "chemo" days--I wonder how long this side effect lasts?  As my energy is slowing returning, the kids are adjusting to "mom's back,"  while my husband and I find ourselves learning new "marriage" dance steps.  (The challenge is making sure we both are learning the steps to the same dance.) As I continue on this road to healing and regaining my energy, I hope to be more consistent with blogging.

WARNING: If the mention of undergarments causes you discomfort, do NOT continue reading this blog post!

This past summer I received an incredible blessing and gift—to attend the Proverbs 31 She Speaks Conference. Unfortunately, with my recent health challenges and surgery recovery, I haven’t had the energy to write or share much about this life changing event. Hopefully as I regain my energy, I will be able to bless you by sharing some of the awesome experiences and teachings.

Renea Swope, speaker, author and co-host of Proverbs 31 Ministries' international radio program, spoke at one of our sessions. In one of Renea’s messages she shared that in life we often find ourselves in one of three seasons:

A “no” season—where we are just sitting, learning, and waiting for the Lord—letting our roots grow deep.

A “slow” season—we are either gearing up or slowing down, again learning and waiting for the Lord—our stems are sprouting and buds are forming.

A “go” season—where we are actively living and sharing God through our respective ministries—God’s fruit being harvested.

A few weeks after I returned from She Speaks, I was having coffee with two very dear friends (who also are breast cancer survivors). We were discussing the cancer journey and its impact on our life. I was able to share with them Renea’s message. We all agreed that during active cancer treatment, a survivor feels like life is on “on hold” or in the “no” season. For months, you go through treatment: surgery(s), chemotherapy, radiation…fatigue, pain, nausea, and other side effects. Than one day…treatment is done. “Oh, good” we think,—we can go back to “normal,” only to find the “normal” we once knew will never be the same. So, we found ourselves asking….now what? Thus, we now are living in the “slow” season, wondering when it will be our “go” season. After, explaining the different seasons to my friends, I found myself saying to them “I hope you both are wearing sexy underwear because soon it will be our “go” season…and I have a feeling God will be opening doors so fast our pants may just fly off!”

Here's a pic of a Christmas gift I received from one of the friends mentioned in this story.

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Running the race said...

What a wonderful post Kim! I can so relate to what you are saying. I also feel like I am on the verge of the "Go" season so I am getting ready:) Happy New Years my friend!

Mary Aalgaard said...

That is so cute. I love how you talk about the surprises waiting for us in the New Year. Who knows what's out there. My arms are open wide! I'm going to give your blog link to a friend of mine who was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer in Nov. She's about 40, 4 kids, it's scary.

Anonymous said...

It is wonderful to read your blog again and my wish for you is a new year filled with good health, love, happiness and strength in abundance Marie x

nancyspoint said...

Kim, What a great post. I always enjoy how you come up with unusual ways of tying cancer and other life stuff together and this is another great example. I hope there are plenty of happy surprises in store for all of us this year! Happy New Year to you and yours!

lisasmith said...

LOVE this!! You've summed up life after cancer treatment perfectly. Did I get to meet you at She Speaks?? Because I'm falling in love with you today!