Monday, January 10, 2011

It's's snowing....and it's snowing!

I love snow!  (I don't necessarily like the wind and cold--but I love the snow!)  For some reason when it snows, I want to get out and walk.  Have you ever heard of something so strange?  Strange or not, the snow is making it easier for me to make my walking goals!  Tonight when I was walking I kept thinking of a recent post by my friend Roxane at Peace Garden Mama on snow angels.  I, so wanted to lay down right where I was at and create an angel.  (To be honest, the only thing that stopped me was the fear that I wouldn't be able to get up with all my winter wear!)

At the beginning of this year, it was my goal to blog a few times a week.  My reality is that fatigue continues to be a daily challenge, thus I haven't had the energy for much more than work and family.  (and taking short walks in the snow--smile!)

Cancer interrupted my life, forcing me to let go of some dreams...but now I have new dreams!  If you have a few minutes, and haven't yet done so, please check out the beginning steps of a dream at Hope Lives Now!

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Mary Aalgaard said...

Keep walking and bring a friend along so she(or he) can lift you up after you've made your snow angel.