Thursday, June 24, 2010

Eyelashes and Exercise

It started so innocently, I noticed an eyelash on my desk at work.  What?  There's another one?  Very quickly I count 20...can you believe it?  A year ago on June 25th, I celebrated my last chemo day, which was why last week, when I lost a good share of my eyelashes (again) I was so surprised!...I quickly got over my frustration and disappointment when I remembered how I felt a year ago.  No comparison!  Compared to active chemo side effects, I will take delayed lost eye lashes.  (After all, isn't that why we use mascara?)

On another my new best friend!

My boss recommended a 5K plan, so last week I started training. Here is the link to the program she recommended Couch to 5K.  Due to all the recent health challenges, I have revised this to a little to fit my energy, but so far so good.  I just love the stop watch and it is a great motivator for me.  My workout right now is stretching (5-10 minutes), walk 5 minutes, run 1 min, walk 2 min, and keep alternating for 20-30 minutes.  My energy has increased a bit and back ache is slowly getting better.  (someday I would love to run in the mountains--maybe over Labor day if we travel to see our children in Montana.)


My Army Brats and Me said...

Hmmm sounds kinda tough. I will check it out though. Amen to being done with chemo. Hate it!

Running the race said...

Kim, another thing we have in common! I actually have downloaded the 5K walk Couch to 5 K on my IPOD. My sister from CA actually introduced it to me. It has 10 weeks of progression. I find when I add music to my movement time seems to fly! I so get the eye lashes! I actually get to work a half hour early so that I can climb the hills of Western Carolina when it is cool. My IPOD always goes with me. I find if I get the exercise out of the way I do have more energy during the day. Keep up the great job!

Anonymous said...

I haven't experienced the delayed eye lash sorry to hear that you are getting these reminders still :-(

Thanks for the tip re. the exercise - I walk regularly but i don't believe I push myself as much as I should so I am going to check out this program.

Anonymous said...

My eyelashes came out in a delay as well, but they came back. There are false eyelash kits you can get that will get you by. It didn't last long. I am striving to do a 5k in October. I will be training right there with you in spirit! Blessings,

Kerry Osborne