Thursday, March 18, 2010

Low Battery

This morning when I went to take a picture to share with you all how I set the tone for my "God time", my camera kept flashing "low battery, replace".  I couldn't help but think, that is too funny, as that is how my soul was feeling last week.  So, I did what most would do, I went to replace the batteries...I really wanted to show you all my lovely candle set.  I put in my camera what I thought was a new set of batteries, "What?" This time there was just a black screen. Hmmm, I thought, where are there some batteries in this house that I can find without waking up anyone?  Afterall, that is why the candles were burning in the first place at 5 am....I was so wanting some quiet time with my Maker.  Aaaahaaa, I spied the TV remote, YES!  We are in luck, AA batteries.  I quickly sneak the batteries from the remote (this is a big no! no! at our house) and insert them in my camera.  Yes!  Camera is working, I quickly take a few pics,  WHAT? "low battery, replace."  I thought to myself, your kidding!  I take the batteries out of camera and put them back in the remote, put the camera on the counter and remember why I am up at 5 am.

For me, quiet time with the Lord is something that I have found that quickly recharges my batteries.  I cherish and covet this time, especially as of late as I have been too weakened by health challenges to awake early enough before the rest of my family. Last evening when I was walking, I had whispered to God and told Him that I miss our morning encounters and that I would really appreciate His help in getting up in the morning to have a cup of tea with Him before I start my day.  So this morning at 5 am, I was gently nudged from my warm covers.  I started some tea water, started the ipod with some soft, classical morning and lit my candles.  While the tea was brewing, I gathered my bibles, pens, notebook and blanket.  (It was than I got distracted with the camera...LOL).  After the camera distraction, the tea water was ready. I quickly made some green tea with honey and a light snack.  All the time, thinking, here I come Lord. 

It wasn't long into my study of the word when it dawned on me how much I am like my camera...last week, my body was flashing "LOW Battery" and I couldn't find any batteries to recharge me.  Isn't that so like us humans?  We think food, alchohol, TV, friends, work and/or even church activities will be enough to recharge our batteries, when really there is only one thing we need...quiet time with our Father.  Today, my batteries were fully charged and it felt AWESOME!! 

How about you, what does your quiet time with the Lord look like? or what do you do to recharge your batteries?

For those of you who would like a day brightner...
Kim Walker, I Asked You For Life

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