Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Tonight as I was packing my bag for my overnight stay at the hospital, I was reminded once again at how I am an addict to the written word. I am pretty sure most people when packing for a hospital stay would pack items like slippers, robe, toiletries, etc…but, no, not me…I packed 4 magazines, pens and pencils, notebook, book light, a few books and my laptop. Come on, I ask myself…you are having surgery, when do you think you have will have time to read? But, I can’t help it; I actually get butterflies in my tummy thinking about going somewhere without something to read and paper to write a thought down. Yesterday, I returned some books to the library and I knew I should have used the outside drop box, but, I thought I could resist the temptation if I used the indoor drop box, as soon as I seen all the books and smelled the lingering odor of ink, I just had to have a little peak at the books on the newly arrived shelf. I find myself reviewing the back cover of one of the books, “oh”, I say to myself, this sounds like just the perfect read while I am recovering from surgery. I think maybe I would have been okay if I would have stopped right there, after all I only had a few minutes as I was on my lunch break. So, don’t ask me how, but less than 5 minutes after I walked into the library, I walked out with TEN books in my arms…just giddy as all can be…I still don’t know how it happened, but I am sure going to enjoy some time indulging in my addiction these next few days.

Well, I better go put some slippers in my bag, hmmmm, I wonder if there is any room amongst my reading supplies.

How about you what are you addicted too?


Mary Aalgaard said...

I also pack a stack of books whenever I leave home. There is NO CHANCE of EVER reading them all. But, hey, you can't leave your friends at home!! Glad you find comfort in words. Best wishes on the surgery

Yoga Unites for Living Beyond Breast Cancer said...

We're addicted to supporting women with breast cancer through healthy living! Thanks for sharing :)