Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Time to Heal Program tonight

Tonight was #8 of #12 of our time to heal program. We had a lymphadema specialists visit with us about lymphadema, precautions we can take and the risks involved. I guess since I have had many lymphnodes removed on the left side and had radiation to both sides, I am at an increased risk, so I will be wearing a special sleeve when I am doing repetitive activities or lifting heavy objects. We also had a mind/body specialists talk to us about ti chi and breathing. I do believe that there is our body has an incredible capability to heal, if only we slow down enough to allow the healing to take place. Another topic we discussed was the importance of exercise in our life. Boy, was I glad that I had all ready had my walk in for today, so I didn't feel unnecessary guilt about not exercising today. I actually did my walk in the historical district by McKennan park, such a beautiful area. I even satisfied my "inner" child and ran through the fallen leaves.

One thing I have been thinking about lately is labels...it seems as if we have so many labels that we have: wife, mother, sister, daughter, coworker, employee, friend, etc...that when we ask the question who am I? And we exclude our labels, what is our answer? Something to think about.....

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Marie Ennis said...

I am really enjoying hearing about this program Kim. It is wonderful you get the opportunity to do this - not everyone does and I believe it is a vital part of the healing process after cancer. http://beyondbreastcancer.wordpress.com/