Monday, February 11, 2013

Faking it...until you make it!

Last month I blogged about God Sized Dreams.  I am excited to share that website has been redesigned, a Facebook page created, along with brochures and an introduction letter. While it has been crazy busy finalizing these projects, my hope has been strengthened as I watch God work.  Just last week, God orchestrated the timing of a Hope Basket perfectly...and He is so into the details of what goes in these baskets.  I had purchased a variety of CD's to put in the Hope Baskets and to my delight...the CD I put in this particular basket had special meaning to the recipient...all I can say is, "Only God!"

Now, it is time to be a bit more honest with you...what I am going to share with you next, isn't exactly what I would call a "dream." But it is a direction that I feel being led to...after many months (okay, years) I took a huge step, which was prompted by whispers I could no longer run from.  As I have mentioned previously, in October 2012,I joined Toastmasters. Two weeks ago, I had to give my first speech, the "ice breaker."  This speech is a 4 to 6 minute speech about yourself.  Shouldn't be that hard, should it?  Seriously, I don't know what I was thinking when I joined this organization.   It must have been the "chemo brain."  I tell ya...I was so...nervous, I almost  didn't show up to the meeting....that was until I remember my friend Jess's advice, "Kim--at times in life you have to fake it, until you make it!"  So, I gave myself a good ol' pep talk and gave the speech.  Yes, I was scared.  Yes, I could have done and said some things better (clearer.)  But you know what?  I did it...and I was so proud of myself.  Ever since I was diagnosed with cancer, when faced with fear...I ask myself the question "If you don't do it, will you regret it?"  I knew that if I didn't do my speech, I would not only regret it, I would also feel like I let God down.  You see...for reasons I can't fully explain, I know that He wants me to learn the skill of public speaking.  So...I'm trusting and doing! (Even when I am afraid!)

PS.  For those of you interested in Toastmasters--you should check it out.  What an awesome organization and great group of individuals.

BONUS:  Feb 11, 2009 found me walking into the chemotherapy room for the first time...four years I am!  And although today found me on the couch because of debilitating pain due to the barometric pressure being low (thankfully this only happens with major systems)--I celebrate the gift of healing!


MidwestGolden said...

Love you my friend!

Unknown said...

Congrats on surviving your first speech AND on surviving your battle with cancer! Excited to see where your path leads, Kim :)

Cathy Baker said...

I'm so proud of you, Kim. You're pure inspiration, my friend! I wish you could attend Vonda Skelton's Christian Communicators conference. Who knows? Maybe the whispers will begin! :)

Congrats on the 4 year celebration!

Julia Tomiak said...

I'm so excited for you and proud of your courage. Michael Hyatt says that the good stuff in life happens when we step out of our comfort zone- clearly you are headed for good stuff! Your journey is inspiring. Thank you for sharing!

Hester's Heart said...


Rejoicing with you sister. Rejoicing!!

And, for the record, the speeches get easier with more practice.

Love, Hester ;) said...

I'm grateful for all the ways God is stretching you and extending his hope through you in this season! I'm now 2 years post chemo and am always amazed by the ways God continues to use this part of my journey to reach out to others.

Blessings and peace, sister warrior.

Marie said...

I am so excited at the new directions you are being led in. I have some friends who find Toastmasters to be a wonderful experience,though I haven't had the courage to try it myself yet! Well done on progressing Hope Lives to the next level. I am so proud of you xxx

Jema said...

Kim! Woo Hoo! Look at you going out into the world and shining! So proud of you. I just had the crazy though of joining Toastmasters when we settle somewhere for awhile last month and you are DOING IT! I still have a big phobia about public speaking and acknowledge what a huge accomplishment this is! Go girl! StudioJema

redhed said...

Hello Fellow Cancer Warrior!

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Allison Warrior Pickens

Unknown said...

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