Thursday, October 11, 2012

PET scan, really?

Four years ago this month...I had a mammogram that was normal. 

One month later, I heard those life changing words "I am sorry but you have an invasive, aggressive breast cancer."

Thus began the journey...that has brought me here today.  I first started blogging to share my healing journey--hoping to provide support and encouragement to others who find themselves on this walk.  I will be honest, as I get further out from treatment, sharing the "journey" struggles in cyberspace are proving to be a bit more difficult.  After all, I am sick and tired of the potholes on this recovery path, so I figure others must be sick of reading it. 

However, I feel that I must continue to share...because I know that the long term effects of cancer treatment (good and bad) aren't often discussed and maybe some other concerned (and/or frightened) survivor can be reassured.

Some of you have asked about the neck pain, while the pain continues (kind of comes and goes) has let up a bit.  However, there is still enough of a concern, so I (finally) scheduled a PET scan.  It is for tomorrow morning at 7:30.  I will admit, I get a bit frustrated with having to do scans.  But, I am thankful we have this tool for diagnostic purposes.  Not sure when I will receive the results, but will post an update when I get them. 

I have a little sticky on my computer that reads:
"Be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid and do not panic before them.  For the Lord your God will personally go ahead of you.  He will neither fail you nor abandon you."--Deut 31:6

I'm not too worried about the scan, but I am human...and when the carpet is pulled out from under you once, you need things like God's word to provide comfort and reassurance.  So, I am going into the scan--Knowing.Trusting.Believing--God has gone before me and paved the way.  I just need to let go and trust!

Thanks for continuing to share this up and down journey with me!

PS.  Oh--and if your interested, I today I blogged about breast cancer awareness at Be Well South Dakota.


Cathy Baker said...

Kim, thank you for sharing your journey. Know that I am praying for you today especially -- right now in fact.

Hester's Heart said...


Thank you for sharing your journey with us. I appreciate your realness and transparency. You are in my prayers.

Much love to you sister, Hester ;)

Unknown said...

Hi Kim,
Thought it was last week and have been praying. Will continue!! And you should definitely continue to share your journey. Your faith and transparency is a blessing.

Hugs to you :)