Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Walking With Wellness Wednesday

Well, you know what they say about the road of good intentions??  When I started the "Walking with Wellness Wednesday," I hard can it be to have a regular weekly post?  The challenge for me, Wednesday's keep coming faster and faster. 

I am going to be honest...I ran out of time this weekend to do the research I needed so I could write an educated post on nutrition.  So, instead, how about I share an update on my physical activity and weight loss?

Since there hasn't been much weight loss, I'll discuss my exercise endeavors first.  You know how we all have different learning styles?  Well, did you know we can have different exercise styles, too?  For many years I would lay out the perfect exercise routing, only to quit the plan 2 days into it.  Guess what?  I was making the wrong type of plan for me.  I like it only makes sense that going to the gym with someone would be a big motivator for me--and it has proven to be my ticket to sticking to my plan! 

During the work week, I have started "circuit training" with a few coworkers at a gym only a few blocks from our office.  The first few days of training I felt like a "geek" especially because of my deconditioning.  (They are both very athletic.)  Howvere, they were also encouraging.  We try and work out 3 to 4 days a week over our lunch hour.  (Good thing there are showers at the gym!) 

If you remember, I blogged awhile back about how my daughter convinced me to that we needed a membership to Avera Fitness.  Well, my hubby wasn't too excited about us taking on another gym membership, especially since we have tried gym memberships in the past--only to not use them.  After a few weeks of seeing our excitement, my hubby decided to check out Avera.  Guess what?  He loves it!  And now we are going to the gym together as a couple!  At the gym, he does his routine and I do  mine separately...but just going to the gym together is very motivating to me!

This past week I started training for the Avera Race Against Breast Cancer 5K.  Yes, yes, I know...I have tried training for this race the past two years and didn't succeed.  I am not sure this year will be different, but I am going to try.  I am doing the Couch to 5K program.  If you are interested you can find more information here: Couch to 5K now for the weight loss update.  It is slow...turtles walk faster! 
When I first started getting serious about trying to lose a few pounds, I would stand on the scale once or twice daily.  I would get so discouraged and frustrated when the number didn't move. BUT THEN...I found a really cool program called My Fitness Pal.  I have tried other online tracking programs, often finding them difficult to navigate.  My Fitness Pal is very user friendly. Since tracking my nutrition and physical activity, I am no longer obsessed with the scale.  I know that I am making nutritious, healthy eating choices and being physical activity.  I haven't stood on the scale since Sunday.  Tomorrow is weigh in day, I will keep you posted!

Well, for not having much to say--this is a really long blog.  If your still reading this post--many blessings to you!!

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Mary Aalgaard said...

I am encouraged by your efforts. I'm glad your husband is joining you at the gym. You'll be there to get each other out the door and moving!