Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Saturday Delight

As a reward for exercising all week, I treat myself to an extra half hour at the gym on Saturday's.  I dream about this half hour all week long.  Many days I push myself "just a little bit extra" anticipating my Saturday treat.  So, are you curious to how I spend my extra half hour at the fitness center???

It is delighting in this: 

No phone, no computer, no TV, no noise...just me and my thoughts...for 10 minutes.  (Yes, I know that when you have lymphedema, hot tubs are a no-no, but so far, I have been able to indulge without any compromise to my arm.  Yipee!!)

After my weary muscles are nice and relaxed, I treat myself to this:

Now until 6 weeks ago, I had never been in a Sauna.  I did some research and there is some preliminary data stating that the heat from a sauna and/or hot tub can help with muscle/bone pain.  Since chemotherapy I had been experiencing horrible joint stiffness/bone pain.  I am excited to share that since I have become more routine with my physical activity and indulging in hot tub and sauna...the pain has significantly decreased.

Typically while in the sauna, I just rest my eyes and relax quietly.  Last week, though, God had a surprise party waiting for me at my weekly retreat.  My surprise was meeting Margie.  This delightful and inspirational woman is one of those people that you meet once, but remember forever.  Margie has been taking swimming lessons for the last year as she was very frightened of the deep water.  She excitedly shared with me that with every lesson she has developed more confidence. I also learned (now this is the so cool part) that every year since she was 40, Margie has set a new goal.  One year it might be to learn how to play piano. The next year to take an adventurous trip. Another time it might be to try Zumba or Pilate's, learn more about computers, or take a foreign language class.  One year her goal was to volunteer for a year with a certain community organization. 

Isn't this one of the best things you have heard?  One thing....that's it....after she has met the one goal/achievement...than she makes new one thing. 

So.....my one thing this year:  to increase my physical stamina! 

Question:  Do you treat yourself to something special every week?  If so, care to share? 
 Or what could be the one thing you want to accomplish in 2012?


Mary Aalgaard said...

I think I'm doing it with my play and writing reviews. My word is Dare! How can I not do it?!
Your relaxation time sounds wonderful.

Hester's Heart said...

Kim, This is awesome!! The family we live with (while we wait for our house to sell) has a hot tub and it's been so nice! So glad you are treating your self. And I really like the idea of making a new goal each year. That's awesome! Love, Hester ;)

Nancy's Point said...

I like your relaxation idea. The hot tub and sauna look pretty inviting even in the photos. I'm experiencing quite a bit of that joint pain too...I know I need to get more active. Now that spring is here, no more excuses. I need to just get out there and walk more. That'll do for starters I guess. Love your banner photo by the way. You look wonderful!

Kamilla said...

Before the breast cancer, at age 52, for the first time in my life, I was running. I was down to 138 lbs., my lowest weight since high school and I was eating fresh fruits and salads and lots of grilled chicken. In other words, I was the healthiest I had ever been in my life. Then BOOM went the kitty (family saying, too long to explain, but you get what I mean). Needless to say, I was NOT happy with what was about to happen to my life. But, in order to get myself through the chemo (radiation yet to go) I made up my mind that I WOULD get back to where I was when all this started. My 2012 goal is just to be back where I was at the beginning of this ordeal!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kim!
I have been keeping up with your blog but also having trouble leaving comments.
I loved this last post about giving yourself a spa day once a week at the gym.
I have recently joined a fitness center as well and love it!
Are you participating in the A-Z challenge again this year? I am signed up and ready to go!
Hope to keep in touch~ Elayne