Friday, September 9, 2011

5 minute Fridays...In Real Life

This weeks 5 minute Friday's topic is in real life...

Ready. Set. Go!

In real life...

This week has been a tough week for me in real life.  It has been a sad week....a week when fears are more real than not.  This past Saturday morning a young mother (37yrs old) in our community passed away from breast cancer.  She leaves a husband, a young daughter, many family and friends.  On Sunday I watched this video of her:

I believe I only met Darla one time. It was the first night I went to the young survivor's breast cancer support group.  She had just shared with the group of her recurrence.  She was very upbeat and so encouraging at a time when I was very frightened.  Besides Darla beautiful smile and spirit, there were two other things that touched my heart from the video I watched of her.

The part where her mother stated that cancer drew their family closer.  It made me wonder, for how many people is this statement true? How many is this statement false?  Or true for a bit through the crisis, and than after goes back to normal.  Normal that is for everyone but the cancer survivor.  It left me questioning how can I help my family keep the closeness now that cancer is in our past? 

The other part, I will admit, was a bit of a struggle for me.  Most days, cancer is but just a part of my life story.  It doesn't control my thoughts, feelings or is what it is...tucked in a nice little corner. This week was a bit more challenging.  Darla mentioned in her video that statistically she only had a 6% chance of recurrence...urghhh...statistically, I have a 30% chance of recurrence.  I am human, yes, my mind went there...So, this week found me seeking, searching, and spending more time in prayer.  I am not strong enough to carry the fear of recurrence, so instead I give it to my Lord to carry.  I trust in His plan for my, today finds me filled with joy and delight for the opportunity to spend 5 minutes with you this Friday!

Thank you Darla for your life have forever touched my life!

Have a great weekend!


BARBIE said...

What a heartbreaking but touching post. My grandmother had breast cancer. Ultimately it was colon cancer that took her life. I hate cancer. I tell my children they are only allowed to hate two things: sin and cancer. This reminded me that I am late for my mammogram!

Eli said...

It seems that we all have to go to God and trust him with more of whatever it is that is hardest for us.

I'll pray for you.

Mary Aalgaard said...

So glad that you could give your anxiety over to God. That's not easy to do. Prayer helps. Writing helps. Sharing your story, all of it, helps. So sorry for Darla's family.

Deana said...

Thank you for sharing, Kim. I was very touched by Darla's testimony. May it bring glory and honor to God.

Thank you for sharing your journey as well. "Do not fear or be dismayed," dear Kim. Keep your focus on Him. I love you so much!