Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wednesday Wellness: Naturally Nutritious

With over 41 million entries listed from a search on Google for the word: nutrition, it is no wonder there is so much confusion on a relatively simple subject. I am a reformed pepsi-holic, I love pepperoni pizza, and my absolute favorite: Mc Donald’s French fries. Even before I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I was trying to make changes to a healthier lifestyle. Now, after cancer treatment, I would say, I have taken it up a notch or two. For the record, eating healthy does not come natural to me…let’s just say I am fruit and vegetable challenged. When it comes to a healthy lifestyle many of us have the “all or nothing” or “do or die” approach. That mentality has kept me from succeeding many times. Lately, I have been finding that I have the best success with really small easy changes. Here are just a few changes that have been successful for me.

I don’t like berries, but I can tolerate them in smoothies or with low fat vanilla yogurt. (To save money, I buy the big container of Stoneyfield (it’s organic, so it makes me feel better about eating dairy), I portion out ½ cup servings and add my fruit.)

To increase my veggie intake, I try and bring a container of tomato juice and baggie of carrots to supplement my lunch. (so if I splurge and go out to eat, I eat my veggies on the drive to the restaurant.)

I take snack size baggies and portion out walnuts or almonds. (Both purchased at our local coop.)

I aim for five fruits and veggies before I allow myself any treats.

I snack on whole grain cereals.

I have switched to agave syrup in my teas.

I try and have 2 – 3 cups of green tea daily.

We have slowly switched most of our meat consumption to grass fed, hormone free. At first it took a bit of experimenting to find a source as I didn’t like the taste of some of the local companies. We now have found a source that tastes delicious. We have noticed that we don’t need to eat as much meat as the taste is so good that it really satisfy’s us.

Well, these were just a few quick tips. If you get a chance drop me a note and let me know some of the nutrition changes you have implemented into your diet.

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Anonymous said...

I love your new Wednesday Wellness spot :-) I find myself slipping back into bad habits the longer I journey away from breast cancer.I ate so healthily and make great choices when I was going through treatment, but as the years slip by it is so easy to choose that pizza (my weakness) or icecream or cappucino....
I need constant reminding of the benefits of healthy eating so thanks for posting.