Sunday, February 21, 2010

Blogging Changes and Cancer of the Heart

A few weeks ago, I tried to revamp a schedule for blogging…although the format was with good intentions and was a good guideline; I am finding my healing process isn’t following the same path. The days I am scheduled to write about wellness Wednesdays, I want to write my thoughts or I think of a fun thing to do and it is Tuesday…so, I have decided to write what I want, when I want and see how that fits me. I guess that is the great thing about blogger world, a person can do whatever they want…whether they have any readers, now that is another question??

Speaking of blogs, these past few weeks, a whole new world has been open to me. I have really enjoyed reading others blogs and exploring the blogger world. After researching and living cancer for the past 15 months, it was such refreshment to the brain and spirit to meet new friends and explore new ideas and dreams.

Well, the countdown has begun, 10 days until surgery for the second stage reconstruction…anyone who knows anything about this process will understand when I say “good bye turtles and hello new girls.” In preparation for the surgery, I have stopped taking advil 600 mg at bedtime, thus today finds me in pain and a bit grumpy. I am so hoping, yes, pleading to God, that after the exchange surgery, the muscles in my back will loosen up and the pain will be gone! With all the pain and heartache in the world, I feel a bit silly complaining of back pain—but it is my reality.

This morning when my husband and I were having our “quiet time”, my hubby posed an interesting question/thought…when a person has a disease such as cancer, diabetes, etc…they have a treatment plan: surgery, medications, lifestyle changes, etc…but what about when a person is in bondage to anger, hate, pride, selfishness, etc?? This “cancer of the heart” isn’t always diagnosed and when it is diagnosed, the treatment plan usually isn’t easy. However when “cancer of the heart” is treated and healed, what joy and living it can bring to our life!

Today I am pondering any undiagnosed sins I have in my life, oh I pray for God’s grace and strength as He reveals to me my next stage of reconstructing my character.

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Such a good question! I think we'll pose this question to our Facebook & Twitter followers.