Thursday, September 27, 2012

All is Good...

My hair stylist has been out on maternity leave for three months, so there was much to catch up on my appointment last week.  Conversation went like this:

Erin:  How has things been going?
Me: Good

Erin: How is work going?
Me: Busy, but good

Erin:  How is your hubby?
Me: A bit discouraged about the dry weather, but otherwise good.

Erin: How is your daughter out in Montana?
Me: She started classes and she is doing good.

Erin: How is your grandson?
Me: He started a new daycare and preschool, but he is good.

Erin: And your son?
Me: He is working full time and taking college courses on line...and he is good.

Erin: And your youngest daughter?
Me: She just celebrated her 17th birthday and she is doing good.

What a blessing...All is good!!

This past weekend, I attended the Refine Conference.  What a wonderful, heart pricking event.  I am still processing many of the things I heard and learned...but rest is all good!

PS.  I still continue to struggle with on going neck and back pain, this could be part of my new "normal" from the mastectomy and radiation...but...the biggest question I am being asked by my health care professionals...should we do a PET scan?  I struggle with doing another scan, because I believe God healed me and I just think this pain is from over exercising and possibly a hectic schedule the last few weeks.  However, maybe it is time to just eliminate that concern?  I will keep you posted....but for right now...I am still claiming....ALL IS GOOD!


ali @ an ordinary mom said...

It was so nice to meet you!

Yes, all is good, because He is good :)

Praying for pain relief, and more than that, for peace, sweet sister!

Hester's Heart said...

God is good . . . all the time.

All the time . . . God is good. :)

So happy to hear your conference went so good! Praise Him and please keep us posted on your pain.

Love to you Kim,
Hester, :)

Susan Stilwell said...

Good to hear that you're GOOD! Seriously, Kim -- it IS good :) Praying for you and hope you're feeling better soon.

Julia Tomiak said...

Kim, I'm sorry the pain is still causing concern. Good luck as you decide how to proceed. Will keep you in my prayers.