Sunday, October 30, 2011

Who would have thought?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words...

This is what you look like when you let your 16 year old daughter do your hair and make up!

This is what you look like when your coworker convinces you to participate in the office costume contest.  It is hard to read the banners--we were "Toddlers and Tiaras" from the controversial show on TLC. 

This is what it looks like when your hubby gets in a fight with the drive shaft of his Kabota tractor! (Guess who lost?)

Before I left for work on Friday morning, my husband had asked if I would do an errand on my lunch hour.  I had politely asked him if I could do it some other time, as our work was having a costume party and I had agreed to dress as a toddler beauty princess.  (He, of course, didn't understand the costume as he hadn't heard of the show, Toddlers and Tiaras.)  I told him, "I am going directly to work and directly home from work.  I don't want anyone else to see me looking this ridiculous. When he saw me after my daughter did my hair and make up...he agreed...going out in public wasn't that smart of an idea.

I had only been to work for a little bit when I got a panic call from my husband.  He had inadvertently put his thumb where it didn't belong...and it was really mangled up. I instructed him to apply pressure and met him and my daughter at a half way point from my work and our home to take him to ER. 

(Visual here)...I am driving (yes, just a bit above speed limit...through red lights...) dressed as a beauty queen and my hubby has his hand in the air...all covered with blood...yeah..."Frankenstein and His Bride" did come to mind.

When we got to the ER...the staff breathed a sigh of relief when I told him I just came from a costume contest.  Seriously, they said...they see all kinds come through their doors.

For three hours, they examined my hubby's thumb--took a few xrays--did lots of stitches--gave him an appointment for an orthopedic doctor this next week as he has a few fractures--and sent us on our way.  (Of course, we had a steady parade of hospital staff come through the room to see my lovely costume.) 

Before I dropped my husband and daughter off, we went through drive thru to get some lunch and the pharmacy to pick up his pain meds and antibiotics. 

After I was back at work for a bit, my husband called and asked if I could stop and pick up some fertilizer he needed on Saturday before I came home.  "Sure, why not?  I have been to the hospital, Culver's and Walgreen's, what's one more embarrassment?"

The counter person where my husband buys his fertilizer admitted he really wondered what kind of afternoon he was going to have when he saw me get out of this big pick up truck.  I quickly explained who I was, what I needed, and why I was dressed this way.  He, of course, couldn't resist and had to introduce me to some of the other staff...asking them "Have you ever met Ferlin's wife?"  By this point I am beyond embarrassment.  (These guys will either think my husband is married to really wacko or that he is one lucky guy to have such a fun wife!)

As my husband owns his own landscaping and lawn maintenance company, we would appreciate prayers for quick healing, along with no infections or complications.

Before I go, I would like to share some wise words that my 16 year old daughter gave me when we were driving through Culver's.  After I had paid for our order, I stated "I sure look like a doufous!"  Kelsey quickly responded, "Mom, do you know that when you say negative things about yourself those words go deep into your heart?  Why don't you just embrace your costume and tell yourself--I'm rockin' in this outfit!"

My challenge to you (and to myself)--Look in the mirror and say "I'm rockin' it today!!"


Hester's Heart said...

This is hysterical Kim!!! I love it! Sounds like a fun day (dressing up). I hope your husband is recovering well. You really are a princess, you know. :) Love, Hester

Mary Aalgaard, Play off the Page said...

Oh, my. You're rockin' it with the adventures - beauty queen!

The Andersons said...

You are Rockin' It Girl! What an amazing daughter you have raised to see the truth and the untruth. Oh, the irony of you not wanting to be seen!

Hoping your hubby's thumb heals.

(love the costume)

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

A wise one, that girl! You are rockin' it. This made me laugh, despite the trip to the hospital. You'd fit in around here, and the funny thing is, few people would ask you about your costume. I've seen stranger at Wal-Mart. Ever seen "the wal-mart song" on youtube? Too much.

and thanks for your sweet encouragement today. It blessed me greatly.

Deana said...

You truly do rock, Kim. I absolutely love what your daughter said to you. She rocks, too.

Many congrats on beating the cancer and for the wonderful ministry you have in sharing your story and encouraging others.

nancyspoint said...

What a delightful post to read! Well, except for the part about your husband getting hurt... The pictures do really say it all and you are indeed "rockin' it!" Love the comment made by daughter too.