Saturday, December 4, 2010

Cancerversary part 1

In celebration of my two year cancerversary, I thought I would do a two day blog.  Today's entry will share bits and pieces of my experiences, blessings and thoughts through the cancer journey. Tomorrow's entry will be tips on supporting a cancer survivor.

Love:  Before cancer I equated love with service and works.  I couldn't believe a person could be loved for just "being."  Well, I am excited to say, it happens.  When I was my sickest and weakest, I felt and experienced such love from my family and friends.  Amazing to me, it didn't matter if I was able to cook supper or not, clean the house or not, or get groceries or not...many days, I just "sat."  It is within this "sitting" that I finally understood the love of God--He loves us, for just us, not for what we do!

Dreams:  Coming to the realization that a person has only one life with only so many days, gave me permission to rediscover dreaming.  Some of my dreams were buried deep and some are new developments coming from the cancer journey.  I had always wondered about writing, but too scared to put pen to paper.  Now, I am putting pen to paper, exploring and experimenting, trusting that if writing is something the Lord has in my future, He will show me the way.  A new and surprising dream has come from the cancer journey: it is a dream for the chance to walk with other cancer survivors through their treatment--to provide them hope, support and encouragement.  Both dreams are a work in progress and I am so excited to see how God works out the details.

New Friends:  I have met some wonderful people through this journey.  Friends that I might not have ever known had I not experienced cancer treatment.  Friends that understand the fears and hope.  Friends that will always have a special place in my heart.

Bloggersville:  I had no idea what blogging was...and all my new blogger friends have enriched my life in a very profound and remarkable way.

Kindness:  My family and I have been blessed with the kindness of many.  Also, I have learned to be kind to myself.  I find that I am not as hard on myself when I make a mess of things or make mistakes. 
Beauty:  There are some women who are naturally beautiful, this wouldn't be me.  I always described myself average...but something about being bald, without eyelashes, breastless and weak that helped me find that my beauty came from within....a gift that I will cherish (especially now that I have 'bad hair' days again.)

God:  My faith muscles had to be exercised a lot through this journey...allowing me to finish a race that on my own I would have lost.  It still amazes me when I think of God's love and provision.  It was when I physically broken, that I was spiritually healed. 
I am posting this knowing this blessing list is incomplete...but it is a start!

Thank you my friends for letting me share just a few of my many blessings of this journey!

How about you, what blessings have you found through a challenging journey?

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