Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Renewal and Refinement

Beginnings are scary. Endings are sad.  It's the middle that it's all about!
                                                              --Movie Hope Floats in 1998

The last few weeks have found me challenged with some new beginnings, some endings and lots of middle time.  Since I am a bit short on time this evening, I am going to share just a quick glimpse of the past few weeks.

A few of us from our women's LifeServe group traveled to Sioux City for a woman's conference.  The speaker for this conference was author and speaker, Lysa TerKeurst.  Many years ago Lysa wrote a book, Radically Obedient, Radically Blessed.  Besides my bible, this is one of my most cherished books.  The book offered me great hope on some of my darkest days....and guess what???  That's right, while everyone else was having Lysa sign their shiny new books, I was able to have her sign my
tattered, worn and very dear to me book.  Thank you Lysa for offering me hope and direction!  The weekend was a filled with great teaching and shared times with some very special women.  (Renewal)

Soon after we came home, the refinement time started.  Have you ever found yourself traveling down a road only to meet a roadblock?  Yup, that was me...I am happy to share though, that I didn't fall in the pot hole.  Instead, I put on my emergency flashers (prayer), consulted with my mechanic(God), sprayed some windshield washer fluid (tears) and worked on my repairs (heart.)  Although road blocks can be a bit frustrating, it excites me that God cares so much about our life journey's that He loves us enough to give us directions.  So, while my repairs are healing, I am sitting by the fireplace with a hot cup of tea....just a waiting!  (Refinement)

Blogging has mixed blessings...the blessing is that I have been able to share life with some very remarkable and encouraging people.  People I consider friends...the mixed part comes when one of your blogger friends has experienced tragedy in their life.  Recently, Brenda from Breast Cancer Sisterhood lost her sweet husband.  How can I convey my sympathies to her?  How can I let her know that my heart cries with hers?  Is there a way to show support and love, to provide hope and encouragement?  Along with this sadness, another blogger friend, Daria from Living with Cancer passed away from metastatic breast cancer.  How does one grieve for someone you never met in person?  My hearts and prayers are with both of these families.

A few weeks ago, my low back started hurting (yes, I know the hysterectomy was supposed to take care of this....yah, right.)  Anyways, I went to a physician who specializes in physical medicine.  I decided to be blunt and state to her "I think all this pain is related to my bilateral mastectomy."  And guess what she said, "You are probable right."  Evidently the implants are under the "pecs" and with the trauma of surgery and radiation, these muscles are tightening up, which is causing some pull on the muscles along the spine, which creates muscle strain along the low back.  So, for the past two weeks I went to a physical therapists, learned some stretching techniques and viola' the pain has remarkable decreased.  YIPPEE!! 

Well, my dear friends....until next time!

ps.  If you need a little extra dose of hope.  My dear friend Shelly shares her cancer journey at the River of Hope website.


nancyspoint said...

Kim, I love the quote about life and everything happening in the middle. I agree about the blogging and how hard it is to know what to do when bad things happen to our new friends. I guess we just continue to be here... Happy to hear your back pain is a bit better. Great post and I like all the visuals to imagine, especially the wind shield wipers and tears!

Roxane B. Salonen said...

Kim, oh, the roadblocks. I had one recently, too. It caught me off guard. Thanks for commiserating with me from afar. Many hugs to you, and here's to hope!

Mary Aalgaard said...

So glad you found relief from your back pain. Good job listening to your body and intuition to find out its cause. So sorry for the grief you're experiencing. My friend, Colleen, blogged about having a bad day, recently. She was "what if-ing". It's so hard.

Marie said...

Sorry to hear that you've been in pain but so glad to hear you are finding some help for it and as Mary Aalgaard says well done on listening to your body and your intuition!

We do so worry about every twinge when we've had a diagnosis of cancer, and reading about Daria's passing has distressed so many of us. I think Brenda has found comfort in being able to write about her beloved James and her giref at his passing. When I read her blog, I am so grateful for the power of blogging - that we have a forum to express ourselves, that we will be listened to and above all that we are not so alone on our journeys.

I am thankful too for you Kim and that you're part of my blogging friendships and support x said...

A recent sermon at church was about God's refining us through life's trials and suffering. At the moment, I'm thinking I should be at least 18k gold. Since December 26, James died, and at every turn in my life, if something could go wrong, it has. While I have great friends, the hole in my heart is huge, and my only recourse is to lean on God and stay in His Word. Thank you for reaching out to me in your post and for recommending Lysa TerKeurst's book. Wish I'd been there with you to hear her speak.

How smart of you to realize your lower back pain was related to your bilateral mastectomy. It would have been so easy to panic and wonder if "it" was back.

I love your strength and your faith in the Lord, sweet friend. Heal well.


Stacy@hiswaynotmine said...

Hi Kim,
Saw that you were a new follower on my blog, so wanted to stop by and say Hi. It truly amazes me how many of us have been affected, touched and forever changed by breast cancer.

Yes, the refinement at the hand of God....may we reflect Him more and more as He refines us and polishes us.

I'm glad that He gave you wisdom regarding your back pain and that healing has been brought forth.

It is always a blessing to meet other sisters in the Lord. I will be praying for you.

Much love in Christ,

Anonymous said...

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